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Posted: 9/8/2005 9:54:57 AM EDT
Apparently there have been three armed robberies in the last week up here. Two of my roomates knew the two seperate parties that were robbed. I guess what happend is the bad guys (two) stormed in the front door at dusk with shot guns and forced them into the garage. Nobody was hurt in any of the robberies and not a lot was stolen (college students). Has anybody else heard anything? I was looking for anything on the news but havent heard a thing. The only way I know that it happend was because my roommates knew the people. They all happend close to taft and elizabeth I guess.
Link Posted: 9/8/2005 10:23:36 AM EDT
Haven't heard a thing about it, way over here.

But we caught fire Monday morning.

An arsonist(s) burned down the bowling alley and Amoco station, and damaged a Mexican resturant and an apartment building under construction. All within an hour and a half. In a town of about 7000 people. The mood around town is "they better pray the cops get them before I do." Dead serious, everybody's pissed to high heaven.
Link Posted: 9/8/2005 3:20:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/8/2005 3:25:03 PM EDT
Last I heard is that they were caught and one was shot by Ft. Collins coppers. I'm sure they'll end up in the Larimer cty jail so I'll ask my brudder for the poop on the whole thing.
Link Posted: 9/8/2005 7:37:07 PM EDT
BTW, nice win jtw2.

Link Posted: 9/8/2005 9:46:17 PM EDT

Originally Posted By SRM:
BTW, nice win jtw2.


Link Posted: 9/9/2005 5:59:09 AM EDT

Looks like you won a mouse pad in the team drawing.

Link Posted: 9/9/2005 9:32:00 AM EDT

Originally Posted By SRM:

Looks like you won a mouse pad in the team drawing.


I'll be damned. thanks for the heads up. I emailed GB.
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 10:16:38 AM EDT
Yeah, I ended up seeing it in the news. From what I remember one did get shot. Yes the door was unlocked and they just stormed in. I think 4 were arrested in all.
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 5:07:44 PM EDT
most of these things happen because people live in the fantasy world of
"you never think something like that would happen in THIS neighborhood!!"
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 6:04:02 PM EDT

Originally Posted By jim:
most of these things happen because people live in the fantasy world of
"you never think something like that would happen in THIS neighborhood!!"

Did you ever gate off your street? Guess that front end loader was a sort of defacto gate eh?
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 6:23:39 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 11:55:05 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Defcon:
Suspected robber was shot after struggle with residents


Fort Collins police have released the name of the suspect shot Wednesday during an early-morning home invasion.

Cruz Garrison, 18, remains in stable condition at Poudre Valley Hospital after being shot in the side and arm by a man whose apartment Garrison was trying to rob.

Shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday, Cruz entered a home in the 1200 block of Remington Street through an unlocked door, armed with a shotgun, according to police spokeswoman Rita Davis. After demanding money or drugs of the two residents to no avail, Garrison took the residents and attempted to break into an adjoining apartment, Davis said.

Garrison then threatened to shoot the female resident and the male resident began to wrestle with the suspect, Davis said, before the apartment resident emerged with his own shotgun.

The armed resident told Garrison to drop his weapon. Garrison did and started to leave but turned back around and the resident shot him, Davis said.

Garrison and Gerald Batrez, 18, were taken into custody a short time later, and Robert Cruz and Mitchell Rosales were arrested later Wednesday afternoon.

Garrison, Cruz, Batrez and Rosales also are suspects in two home invasions Monday night.

Between 8:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Monday, two men armed with shotguns entered a house in the 600 block of Zuni Circle through an unlocked door, Davis said. The men demanded cash and valuables from the two residents and then locked the residents in a closet while they searched the house, Davis said.

The suspects moved the residents to a storage room in the basement and told them to stay there, Davis said. After waiting about 15 minutes, the residents climbed through a window and called police from a neighbor's house, Davis said. Nothing was taken from the home and no one was injured, Davis said.

At 9:15 p.m., police received a call that three men, at least two of whom had shotguns, entered a house in the 1600 block of Hastings Drive through an unlocked door, Davis said, and forced the four residents into the garage.

The suspects again demanded money and valuables from the residents, but quickly fled because they thought someone had called police, Davis said. No one was injured and two cell phones were taken in the incident, Davis said.

Cruz, Batrez and Rosales all remain in custody at the Larimer County Detention Center, Rosales and Cruz on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping and menacing and Batrez on suspicion of robbery.

Originally published September 10, 2005

Glad the bastard got a load of buchshot for his troubles.
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