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Posted: 8/15/2004 7:40:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2004 4:16:20 AM EDT by dissipator556]
August 12th, 2004- Virginia becomes the 28th (free) State to honor my FL Concealed Weapon or Firearm License...and I get sent to (drumroll) NJ instead...what a bummer!

I'm flying into NJ tomorrow afternoon- will be local about a week. I've done my research on packing.org, this site, and the port authority's site. I've also called the local airline in NJ to see if I they have any 'special NJ' surprise regulations to spring on me.

Here's what I surmised from a day's online and phone research:
1) I'm only bringing ONE gun- my kel-tec p3at- because there are no hi-caps to worry about (like my Glock), and it's very tiny, cute-looking (won't scare the soccer moms at the check-in counter and cause a riot), and it's very easy to pack. Not my first (or second) choice in self-defense, but I am compromising here based on what weapons I have to choose from and what I think will be the easiest on me.

2) I'm bringing FMJ only, and only one box at that,even though I'm probably allowed to keep the gun in my hotel room loaded with HP's. There are just too many ignorant bitches/bastards in positions of authority over there (spoke to a couple on the phone today), who simply do not know the law, don't care to know the law, and have no problem making an arrest/calling the police based on their incorrect and retarded interpretation of NJ's already retarded firearms laws.

3) Vehicle carry and concealed carry is off limits, and firearms must be locked up (unloaded) and segregated from the ammo (also locked up)- preferably in the trunk or rear of the vehicle.

4) Your gun laws fucking suck, and remind me more of Nazi Germany than any place (except DC) in the USA- sorry about your luck up there in New Joysey.

5) God help me if I really do need to defend myself, because it looks like defending oneself is frowned upon, and being a criminal is just too damned easy in NJ. Duty to retreat is one thing (we also have that in FL), but your state's laws basically say that it's open season on anyone who isn't an active LEO or criminal- only in Joysey would retired LEO's and PI's be required to carry FMJ only---weird. Joe Citizen is in a world of shit I guess, but it's better broke on attorney's fees than dead...

6) I'm getting the holy fuck out of NY/NJ ASAP, and back to any of the 28+ FREE states ASAFP. Can you tell I'm a little bitter about your fucked up gun laws? ON a positive note, I'm sending more $$$ to the NRA and GOA as soon as I get my next direct deposit, just because I never realized how terrible some states still have it and just how many draconian gun laws you guys (and others) are subjected to. Truthfully, I wouldn't move up there (or any state with such ridiculous laws) if an employer offered my an extra 40K per year to work there- I won't even start talking about the BS assault weapons regulation you guys will be subjected to until God knows when. I'm sure I haven't found half of the Nazi gun/ammo/carry regulations in the Nanny State, and I'm still shocked at how difficult they are making it to be a good, law-abiding citizen who wants to protect himself and his property...

My condolences to you guys living in soccer mom heaven/gun owner hell- stay strong and keep fighting those nanny-state motherfuckers tooth and nail.

Any advice from the day crew probably won't reach me in time, but anyone on the night crew that has some advice would help. Looking forward to heaps of BS, from the fearful/stupid looks from airline employees at baggage check-in, to the TSA 'turn and cough' routine...this is gonna be loads of fun!

EDITED to say: I'm off to Newark, going basically under/unarmed- damn I resent that. I'm going to feel so...naked! I wouldn't be half as pissed if I were going into any of the many nicer parts of NJ, but they are sending me to a shitty part of Newark, where I actually might need a weapon. Oh well, I'll quit my bitching now and go be a good subject...for the week at least.
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 4:35:49 AM EDT
Where in NJ will you be staying?

Link Posted: 8/16/2004 2:54:51 PM EDT
Dissipator556, Welcome to our G-UNFRIENDLY State.Have a pleasant stay and leave the LIGHTS on when you leave, there are Brethren still here that cannot leave New Jersey as easily.
Link Posted: 8/17/2004 12:18:20 AM EDT
Staying near Jersey City- working in NYC. Miss the Glock and AR's already...Developing a respect for you guys that deal with this shit 24/7 with no end to the insanity in sight.
Link Posted: 8/17/2004 5:43:37 AM EDT
So you get the best of both worlds while you're there dissipator! lol While you're in the City make sure you get a dirty water dog, nothing beats a Sabrett hot dog which is one of the very few things I miss about NJ.

Bobby, you can always leave. It just comes down to how bad you wanna leave, I couldn't leave quick enough. lol Good luck to you though!
Link Posted: 8/17/2004 6:29:31 PM EDT

Originally Posted By dissipator556:
Staying near Jersey City- working in NYC. Miss the Glock and AR's already...Developing a respect for you guys that deal with this shit 24/7 with no end to the insanity in sight.

Welcome to NJ....now GET THE FUCK OUT!

Seriously.....while you still can!!!!!
Link Posted: 8/17/2004 6:36:36 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 12:53:21 AM EDT
Thanks Frank, will be in Queens on Thurs- will have to take a raincheck. I saw some really funny shit tonight in NYC on 5th Ave- fucking bum got some serious change out of a NY Post newspaper machine- he rocked the hell out of it, and walked away like nothing happened...besides that there are more hot womenz than I can comprehend here---. Back in Seacaucus (sp?) now, staying in my shithole hotel...still missing my guns, damnit.
Link Posted: 8/21/2004 6:37:41 PM EDT
Well, thankfully I am now home- made it without incident, and never did worry about having my little Kel-Tec with me, even when our truck got searched when entering the GW tunnel into NY. My dumbass buddy did get a ticket near Queens for driving his moving truck on a parkway- can't believe he didn't rip the roof off the damned thing, he went through some overpasses with only 9' of clearance, and the truck company recommended at least 10'3".

All in all, enjoyed the trip back up north, but glad to be back to the Gunshine State. My condolences to you guys in Jersey and NY, I think you may even have it worse than the Kalifornians.

BY THE WAY, what the FUCK is up in NJ??? You guys can't even be trusted to pump your own GAS?!?!

The attendant nearly got a punch in the face when he tried to take the pump away from me...thought he was another bum, but turns out he works there...explained the 'new' law to me in broken English, as my buddy and I looked on in disbelief- the nanny state at its finest.

Stay strong up there- we're pulling for ya down here!
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