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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/20/2005 6:13:44 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/20/2005 6:13:59 AM EDT by mchad]
I just turned my front takedown spring into an unidentified flying object. That and the fact that in replacing my worn compass lake trigger with a new chip mccormick unit, I now need a standard safety selector, (among a few other small parts) and I need to find a shop that has parts!

Does anyone know of anyone who has small AR parts in lower NY? I am in Westchester and would prefer not to have to drive two hours, but then, I really want to go to the range tomorrow to try out my new build.

Wouldn't mind an ARMS rail extension either...

Any ideas?

Link Posted: 8/20/2005 9:30:23 AM EDT
Sorry to say man, you are SOL. I've been keeping at least one lower parts kit on hand at all times.
Link Posted: 8/20/2005 11:03:15 AM EDT
I don't know if you're up for a trip to L.I. but you could try this place;
3778 Merrick Rd
Seaford, NY 11783
Phone: 516-221-7380
Call first to see if they have what you want, they're open Sunday also.
L.I.E. to Route 135 south, 135 to last exit on that road, (don't speed!) follow the exit ramp
down to Merrick Rd. East for about 2 blocks, it's on the corner.

Link Posted: 8/20/2005 1:17:55 PM EDT
Seaford it a hike, but when you need something...

Thanks very much for the info. I'll check them out.
Link Posted: 8/20/2005 5:23:33 PM EDT
I gave up trying to find parts locally years ago, I mail order everything!
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 4:20:54 PM EDT
Well if you lost the front take down spring, did you also loose the detent pin?
DO you need the saftey selector or the spring and detent that retains it?
I keep small parts like the one you're talking about and could proabably mail them to you.
BEST BET is to order the parts from Brownells. They have a "flat-rate" shipping of six or seven dollars, and sometimes on request they will mail you really small stuff.
Brownells.com /schmatics/DPMS/lower parts
Let me know,
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 4:47:43 PM EDT

I actually got the parts from a local member - Raptor22, along with some other stuff. A great guy to deal with. In the future, I will have backups...

Thanks for the offer though...

Link Posted: 8/21/2005 4:48:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/21/2005 4:50:34 PM EDT by Raptor22]
Thank you, Mike. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 4:50:03 PM EDT
Vic, I just posted... You beat me to it!

Nice day at the mountain, btw. .75" @ 100m...
Link Posted: 8/22/2005 5:26:34 AM EDT
Ugh. I remember breaking the fork on the bolt spring of the Ruger MkII. It was then I learned to always wear eye protection when you're doing a disassembly. The thing flew off and gouged a 17" LCD monitor . I was thinking "that could've been my eye!"
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