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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/21/2003 8:24:32 PM EST
I'm working with our local gun club in Arma, Kansas to bring in Jim Crews for either a handgun or a urban carbine class. If interest is high enough, we may run both back to back. We are working on either the 2nd or 3rd week in October. Weather should be very comfortable.

Here is Jim's web site www.marksmans.com

Here is course descriptions.

Defensive Handgun
The Defensive Handgun Program is a 28-hour handgun-training program, emphasizing weapon safety and management while introducing you to defensive shooting exercises, enhancing gun handling skills, defensive marksmanship, mental conditioning, malfunction clearance abilities and ammunition management. This is a comprehensive handgun program designed for all shooters whether the novice or experienced shooter. In this program you will learn how to improve you ability to hit from the Off-hand, Kneeling and Prone positions. This program utilizes at least 3 forms of kneeling and 2 forms of Prone and an introductory night shoot will be conducted. You will also be introduced to weapon system malfunction clearance techniques and to the basics of movement, including shooting on the move, requiring you to improve your marksmanship skills dramatically in order to complete the final phase of this program. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional stationary targeting is utilized in this training program culminating with an introduction of a three-dimensional moving simulator.
Prerequisite training-None required
Ammunition Requirement-600 rounds.

Cost: $350.00 each plus range fees


Urban Carbine
“A Practical Training Program for the owner of the AR 15, Mini 14/30, AKS, SKS & other tactical carbines”
Urban Carbine is a 28 hour tactical carbine program. This tactical carbine rifle program has been designed to introduce you to proper carbine management techniques emphasizing weapons safety, gun handling, ammunition management techniques, and defensive marksmanship skills necessary for urban encounters. In this program you will be introduced to the tactical carbine as a fighting tool for the urban dweller that chooses to protect his life, his family and his property with the tactical carbine rifle. In this program we build riflemen. You will be taught proper slinging and mounting techniques, how to properly load, unload, tactically reload and basic malfunction clearance techniques. Each shooter will learn how to zero his tactical carbine and learn how to employ the carbine from contact distances to a maximum of 100 yards (range permitting). You will be taught how to manage and employ the carbine using primary and secondary shooting positions, the use of tactical movement and shooting on the move. Basic weapons malfunction clearance procedures will be presented as well as the proper solution to the malfunction. Two and three-dimensional targeting will be utilized during the training program as well as simple to complex three-dimensional moving targeting.
Prerequisite training-Defensive Handgun or equivalent
Ammunition Requirement-800 rounds carbine and 100 rounds of handgun ammunition.
Each shooter is required to carry a handgun for the duration of the training program.
Each carbine must be equipped with a carry strap or sling system allowing the shooter to sling the carbine in American and African Carry.

Cost: $350.00 each plus range fees


We can only accept 12 shooters for each course and some spots are already taken by local club members. If you are interested, get in touch with me ASAP as spots will go fast.
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