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Posted: 6/24/2011 8:13:25 AM EDT

I have added a few more classes to the 2011 schedule with more to come, I am sure 2011 will surpass 2010 thanks to all you students who keep taking classes.

A Tactical Revolver Oct. 16 & 17, a Tactical Carbine Oct. 21 - 23, a Ladies only handgun has been added Nov. 19 & 20, and another Tactical Handgun 101 Oct. 17 - 19 to try to keep up with the demand for this class.

See descriptions below for the new classes added in the email below.

Also in case you missed the last email I have added these new classes too:

Steve Tarani returns again (if you don't know Steve, Goggle his name and be impressed) Aug 19 & 20 Edged Weapons ($295.00) and Aug 21 & 22 Power Of Light ($295.00).  A couple of slots remain because I have not received the payment from some who requested a slot.

Sept 19 & 20  Introduction to Indoor Tactics which just happens to be a prerequisite for all the classes in the shoot house.

Please book your classes early as most are sold out by class time.   I am amazed that 96% of our classes are sold out by start time and I give credit to that to the caliber of instructors we bring in.

All classes are taught by Mr. Randy Cain (www.guntactics.com) unless otherwise noted.


Aug 19 & 20 Steve Tarani Edged Weapons $295.00   Steve returns to bring his very popular knife class, this will be a class defending a knife attack, fighting with a knife and a section of time devoted to the Karambit.  I know of no one who teaches a better knife class than Steve, everything he teaches is very simple and easy to remember.

Aug 21 & 22 Steve Tarani  Once again we were able to get Steve away from his day job (don't ask but it is with a branch of our government) and he brings his Power of Light (originally developed for Surefire).  He will teach you how to defend yourself with only your small hand held flashlight and then how to mount an attack to destroy your attacker. All simple gross motor moves.  $295.00

Sept 16 - 18  Tactical Handgun 101 The most popular class
we offer and the most repeated because it concerns the fundamentals of
shooting and tactics.  All students will be better shooter under the
diagnostic ability of Mr. Cain  I urge all serious students to repeat this class at least yearly. 3 days $475.00  WAIT LIST ONLY

Sept 19 & 20    Introduction to Tactics – Indoor  This class is designed for the student to learn basic tactics of room clearing and will be a prerequisite  for any shoot house classes, having two days of the fundamentals will speed up the more complex classes built on using our shoot house.  $375.00

Sept 2 - 4  Bill Jeans returns to teach his very popular with military and civilians Team Tactics for handgun and carbine.  This class is fairly physical and not intended for invalids so if your in a wheel chair don't ask. :)  It has been featured by many magazines and is always highly acclaimed. Prerequisites.  Limited enrollment.  $500.00 SOLD OUT

OCT. 15 & 16 TACTICAL REVOLVER  Tactical Revolver  $375.00  We all own one of more but we
very seldom shoot the revolver.  Now is the time to get training and
carry that J-frame with you.  They aren't easy to shoot but there are
some tricks you will be taught to improve your shooting. The real
benefit, in my opinion, is that after the revolver class your trigger
control with your semi auto will improve greatly, students remark about
how much better they shoot after this class.

Oct 17 - 19 Tactical Handgun 101 Once again the most popular class
we offer and the most repeated because it concerns the fundamentals of
shooting and tactics.  All students will be better shooter under the
diagnostic ability of Mr. Cain  I urge all serious students to repeat
this class a minimum of once a year.  Three days $475.00.

Oct. 21 - 23 TACTICAL CARBINE  Many experienced shooters consider this
the best carbine class available as it really focuses on the
fundamentals.  Mr. Cain requires a high level of accuracy and competence
with the weapon. I recommend this class for all wishing to take the more
"advanced carbine" classes we offer.   $475.00 for three days.

Nov 19 & 20 Ladies Handgun  $375.00  A two day class just for the ladies and many of them will leave the class shooting better than their mates. They will be taught how to safely handle the weapon and shoot it just in case the need arises.  The best part is the girls all have a lot of fun.  If you have a defensive handgun around the house you need to have your better half attend the class, perhaps an early Christmas present.

Dec. 16 - 18  Pat Rogers Carbine Operator class will close out our year again.  If you don't know about Pat and his carbine class you must live nuder a rock. :)  This class always sells out in a short period of time so please book early as last year I had over 20 students on the wait list that never took the class. Three days with Pat and you will shoot many rounds down range and be entertained.  $610.00  WAIT LIST ONLY


Please contact me via email to book any classes or if I can help in any
way.  bigsfish(at)bellsouth(dot)net   Or use the direct link on the web
site http://www.southernexposuretraining.com/

All classes at Southern Exposure will have a nominal range fee of $10.00
per day.

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