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Posted: 9/10/2005 4:05:06 PM EDT
Well I have finally turned 23 and now I am off to get the ccw. I shopped around awhile and found a local dealer that provides the training relatively cheap (75 dollars) Arts Guns and Ammo. I am super excited about it, and am going to use it as an excuse to buy yet another firearm, which the Fiance is going to be estatic about. So what gun would be a nice conceal carry gun? I have heard a sig 229 is one of the best, What would be a decent caliber for a carry gun .40, 9mm? Would a laser sight be good for a ccw or are they more cosmetic than anything. I have a few ar's and what have you but not alot of experience when it comes to handguns.
Thanks for any advice ahead of time.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 4:16:52 PM EDT
You mean you didn't get a Utah permit at 21.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 10:08:21 PM EDT
You should have got a Florida permit when the law passed!

Congrats on the ccw. As to what gun to carry, that depends on about a hundred variables, but a Sig P229 is a very good place to start. I personally carry a P228, which is the same size, and 9mm only. I prefer 9mm because practicing with that caliber is considerably cheaper than .40 or .45. Ordnance Outsellers has great deals on Certified PreOwned Sigs of most varieties. CDNN also has great deals on used Sigs (and many others). Download the PDF catalog and have fun. The holster and training are just as important as the gun, don't forget that. Be safe and have fun, hope you never need that ccw!

Oh and as to the fiancee issues, get her to go to the ccw class with you, and get her a gun too. If that doesn't solve the problem, marry someone else.
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