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Posted: 10/2/2004 8:34:37 AM EDT
Dave is selling Ferret 50 lowers stamped with .50 BMG, check it out at Ferret50 and then finish it whenever. Price is $300.
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 7:59:06 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 9:10:42 PM EDT
Here's a report I posted over on Calguns.net on the Spider Firearms Ferret 50 upper and lower.

The farthest I've shot my Ferret was a range finder measured 500 yards. Had it zeroed at 300 yards. I was able to pretty consistently hit a 5 gallon propane can with milsurp ammo. With that ammo it shot 1 to 1-1/2 MOA satisfactorily out to a few hundred yards. Well enough that I had no complaints.

(here's a target I shot on 10/3. The first 2 shots on the left were from a very uncomfortable position. I repositioned my bags and myself and the shot the next 5 on the edge of the center ring. That's a 12" Shoot N C, center circle is 3" dia.)

I haven't tried any good quality ammo as yet. (sitting on my shelf as I type) With the hammer Spider Firearms supplies with their upper, and using an AR lower, I had about a 20 percent failure to fire with european milsurp ammo. Even tried a different spring and it wasn't much of an improvement. One of the 50 makers has a stronger spring but I never got around to getting one. The Ferret 50 upper has no ejector. I have one of the early "short" receivers. That means if a round fails to fire that getting the unfired round out requires a little bit of wiggling. I don't see it as a problem, but I guess enough people did that he now makes an extended receiver where you can easily take out an unfired round. Some people have said that you need to remove the bolt to take out a unfired round from one of the short receiver models. That's total bullshit. You don't need to remove the bolt for anything but cleaning. The bolt is big, solid, locks securely, has 3 large lugs, and the extractor has worked every time. With the original muzzle brake the thing had a LOT of recoil. I replaced it with a Shark type muzzle brake (shortly before Dave started making his own of that type) and the recoil is now easily manageable. Now it's ALWAYS fun to shoot.

With Dave's .50 bmg specific lower he has a better hammer / trigger / spring combo. I think I had one failure to fire. And, I took all those unfired rounds back out from when I was using a AR lower and they went bang when using Spider Firearms new lower. I like the ergonomics of the lower. It fits well, feels good, and has a good recoil pad on it. The fit to his upper was almost perfect. I had to file just a couple thousandths off the rear take down lug to make it fit so I didn't need to put my whole weight on it to close the upper and lower together. There is NO safety on the lower. I DO NOT find that an issue. No one else should either if you keep your finger off the trigger until you are 100 percent ready to shoot. The trigger is very nice. I don't know the exact pull weight, but it's less than my competition AR and that is at 4-1/2 lbs. The trigger is very smooth, has minimal creep (if any) and causes no jerk.

The welding and finish on both the upper and lower is very well done. I haven't had any of the finish wear off as yet. Had the lower about 9 months and the upper almost 2 years IIRC. I don't know if Dave has changed the design of his original bipod or not. I don't think the original one works very well. But it's easily removed and I seldom used it any way. I normally shoot the 50 off a large sand bag. It's not only steadier, but the bag helps absorb some of the recoil.

Edited to add a few things: After looking at the pics I thought some more comments were in order. When using a AR lower the back of the upper receiver is right against where the buffer would be on the buttstock and when the bolt is opened it goes into the buffer tube. You need to remove the buffer, buffer spring, buffer retaining spring, and the disconnector and disconnector spring from the trigger when using a AR lower. It's not like you can just swap a .50 upper for your .223 upper quickly while at the range. Dave's lower is different. That's what the tube on the top of the butt stock is for, when the bolt is opened it isn't left completely exposed on the back end. The reason there is a weld in the butt stock right in front of and below the tube is because Dave makes one lower receiver, but has a few different butt stock configurations. Mine is the base model and I'm happy with it. I do not shoot long range bench rest with it so haven't felt the need for an adjustable cheek piece (fits me correctly anyway) or the mono pod thingy he offers. The scope rail on mine is has 30 MOA of inclination. That's enough to shoot out to 1500 yards with any quality LR or Tactical scope. I have Leupold 3.5x-10x on mine and have had no problem with "scope eye" at the shortest eye relief (10x) since I installed the shark brake.

Here's some pics of the lower, and some of my GF shooting it. Hope they show up. If not, just figure out the links. They're there somewhere.

My GF having a GOOD time shooting up my .50 bmg ammo

This is before I got the Ferret lower, but after I installed the Shark style muzzle brake. My GF has this picture hanging next to her desk at work :)
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 3:21:52 PM EDT
Excellent report, Pthfndr!!! I love your report.

My F50 is on the way. Where were you shooting at? The ranges near by are restricted, some do not allow .50 caliber, some have only 200 yard lanes.
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 5:02:40 PM EDT

Originally Posted By sv_sniper:
Excellent report, Pthfndr!!! I love your report.

My F50 is on the way. Where were you shooting at? The ranges near by are restricted, some do not allow .50 caliber, some have only 200 yard lanes.

I usually will take it shooting in the El Dorado NF. I live there. There's a few places where one can shoot a few hundred yards. I also take it over the hill to the public (unsupervised) range just outside Carson City. You can shoot about 500+ yards there. One of these days I'm going to the Pyramid Lake range. I hear they have a 1 mile shoot
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 5:05:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 5:11:31 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Paul:

Originally Posted By Pthfndr:
Here's a report I posted over on Calguns.net on the Spider Firearms Ferret 50 upper and lower.

I've got more than a few big ones due in back pay from the USN ... and I thought I had to choose between a hot tub, motorcycle, nightvision & body armor ... now I have to add a .50 BMG. May be a poll would help me decide. I just might go with the unfinished lower to hold me over.

Bluegrass receiver for $300 ?
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