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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/14/2005 5:04:47 AM EDT
Ok, Kentuckians, I don't want to start a discussion or anything...this is just to call your attention to a team member who needs a little help. It is posted in GD and Team Forum..hopefully can be found on the front page.

The recap is this for those who missed it. I don't mean to try and leave details out but this is "cut to the chase" for those of you with little time.

JB69 lives in Ct and is an electrician by trade. He has been having some bad medical problems that doctors can't figure out whats wrong. He has been getting worse and can no longer carry the tools he needs or work for long periods of time at his profession. He can work some but has good days and bad days of course. Anyway, he is about to be homeless (there is a lot of discussion of options on this in the other forums) and some of us figured we could buy him a little time to either find work he could do or get diagnosed or get back on his feet a little.

He has listed his paypal account, applied for the debit card (since his bank accounts were canceled) and some of us are sending him whatever small amount we can afford. I don't have a lot to spare but can always find a spare $10 or so around to help someone in desperate need out. I have done the Katrina help so far but this is helping one person directly. Personally, I believe his story, he is no noob, but even if it was BS, the amount I can afford to give is not going to kill me. If you need to read the whole story, go to the GD or Team forum for more details. If you have negative crap to say...Don't!...just don't donate if u don't like it. Thanks!!! I know you Kentuckians have big hearts.
My personal goal is to get 100 people to send him 10 dollars and hold him for a couple months.

Please list your screen name in your paypal donation because he wants to keep track of who gives what and hopefully pay it back one day.

His paypal is jbitt(at)optonline(dot)net substitute the appropriate punctuations in (done this way to keep spammers away.

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