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Posted: 2/14/2013 9:16:04 PM EDT
I just signed up for an EFAX account. It lets me send 150 faxes per month via email which will appear to come from a 907 area code -- it is super convenient.

If any other Alaskans want to send a message to Sen Begich, Sen Murkowski, or Rep Young, please PM me. I'll send you my email and you can send me your letter to fax. The program will accept Word documents, PDF files, HTML, JPG, and several other formats. Please ensure your letter is professional, signed, and courteous since it is coming from my account -- no "MOLON LABE FBHO COLD DEAD HANDS!" or pictures of angry cats please. If you're not sure what to say I have a few form letters that I can send and you can slap your name on, sign, and send it back to me for faxing.

I plan on tapping the fax machines at every district office as well as the Washington DC offices.

Sen Begich is especially vulnerable on gun control: He is up for re-election in two years and as a "Blue Dog" he knows he's an endangered species. Sen Murkowski has been waffling in her responses and I think more reinforcement will be helpful. Faxing is a way to open another front in addition to the email barrages, postcards, and phone calls, and with EFAX it is super easy.
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 10:22:13 PM EDT
I fear you may be right about Lisa "Waffle" Murkowski.
The tone of her replies is very weak as regards the second amendment.
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