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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/19/2002 2:36:29 PM EST
One of my favorites around here is Green Mountain Guns. Pretty good selection of stuff and it's nice as a customer to be treated like your business is appreciated.

The guys over at Gunsmoke in Wheatridge are also pretty cool. I've asked them a couple of gunsmithing-related questions and was never looked at like I was trying to steal a "trade secret".

There are also a coouple of shops I'll never return to due to the way I was treated, but in general, most of the shops around the metro area treat you pretty well.

Name some good shops in your area.
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 3:40:19 PM EST
Around here I only go into 3 of them (Co/Spgs). The shootin' Den at Fillmore just east of I25, Specialty Sports and Supply at Drennan and Academy, and Dragon Arms at Curtis and 94. There's one right here in Woodland Park, I avoid it due to the left wing gun beliefs of the owner. My favorite of course would be Dragon Man's because of all those nasty un-PC assault weapons and machine guns. Karl.
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 5:07:33 PM EST
Yankee Trader in Frisco....High prices,but a good selection including classIII. American Fishing and Hunting Suppy in Salida. Good selection and prices,.....and you gotta love a gunshop owner who wears HER .357 on her hip.

Link Posted: 12/19/2002 7:02:36 PM EST
Lexington Arms is a new shop in downtown Longmont. It's only been open about 5 months and has some room to grow, but it fills the niche in Boulder County. Focused mainly on self-defense and tactical.
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 7:24:02 PM EST
Just found this section. Anyone looking for AR rifles should check out Lexington Arms in Longmont. They have a pretty large selection of AR's and accessories from Bushmaster, Colt, RRA, and Armalite as well as other Military style rifles.

Couple of my shooting buddies just bought the Eaglearms M16A1 postban clones they're selling for ($595?) here on the board. Uppers(Colt marked) where in great shape and the lowers were brand new. They also had 2001 headstamp LC in stock last week when I was there, don't remember what they were asking on a case though.

Link Posted: 12/21/2002 7:43:04 PM EST
Daddy-O and Colt-653,

Glad you both found the place.
Stick around and have some fun. We already have the Texans and the Californians pissed at us (I think they are suffering from some kind of inferiority complex, but that's understandable.)

I guess I'll have to make the drive up to Lexington Arms to check out their shop. Thanks for the tip.
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 11:01:09 PM EST
I wonder if this comment shouldn't really be over in the thread I thought I saw about our feud with the Texans and Californians......but now that you mention it:
When I first moved here in 1985 it was the Texans I was taught to sneer at. You know, your babe-from-oil with her bright bunny suit on the ski slopes, and all the guys hootin' and hollerin' all over the place. Then the Californians started comin' and all of a sudden the Texans were my friends.

But now, I love everybody!
Link Posted: 12/22/2002 9:40:58 AM EST
I have always had good interactions with Jensen Arms in Loveland. I have done some transfers thought them and everything always went smooth. The only time I was lass than 100% satisfied with them, is when a guy there told me about some .308 ammo that was reloadable. I bought it, came home and then noticed it wasn't. My own lack of attention I guess. Oh well, it is good plinking ammo and the price was pretty good.

I have chatted with Lexington arms and they seem like very nice people, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get down to visit their location, yet.

Outside of those, I like sprotsman's warehouse in Loveland for camo gear and some random supplies. It is nice to have a place like thet when Cabela's is not just "around the corner".
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