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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/24/2003 1:26:56 PM EST
...I don’t think I can express how great the Defensive Edge – Handguns 1 Class was today!!! I had one of the most enlightening experiences that have ever had (or will ever have [at least until next summer]) with handguns! I had been shooting handguns for a few years using the instruction I had received from less-experienced instructors during police qualification shoots, and other events I’ve attended in my life. However, NONE of the instruction I’ve had could come remotely CLOSE to the professional, top quality instruction I received today!

When I came to the course I could hit the target with 100% HIT points (at closer ranges), but I was still all over the place like a shotgun pattern. This course helped me unlearn a bad habit, and to hone my shooting skills SO WELL that at qualification distances I can keep almost all of my shots in ONE ragged hole!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! I had NEVER thought such a feat could be achieved in my skill, but Sully’s incredible instruction capabilities and shooting foundation work can REALLY develop his students’ skills! I’m SINCERELY impressed with his instruction in this course, and I recommend that ANYBODY that wants to learn to shoot handguns VERY accurately (rather than JUST getting your CCW Qualifications) simply MUST take this course! I was pretty good going into this class, and I’ve left the course feeling INCREDIBLY confident, competent, VERY enlightened in regards to legalities of shootings, and also feeling IMPRESSED with not only the instruction received but impressed with my shooting results!!!

All the students in the class were very nice people, some novices who had rarely handled a gun before the class, and some were relatively experienced shooters. This class helped EVERYONE hone their skills to 96% or better!!! Some novices had such great improvement it was unbelievable! Their first shots were hardly on the target at close distances, and after a couple hours of Sully’s instruction they were making VERY improved groups on their targets (even with guns they were almost totally unfamiliar with)!!!

This is fantastic instruction at unbelievable prices! Take as many of Sully’s classes as you can! I had such a great time I’m DEFINITELY going to HAVE to take Sully & Fritz’s Tactical Shotgun class! Any of you who have a shotgun should take it as well!!!

Thanks again Sully!!! That was a BLAST!

Don’t worry Everyone... I know this is SORT OF a duplicate thread to compliment Sully’s courses, but I don’t think they could be recommended enough. I’m NOT going to delete this pseudo-duplicate thread or LOCK it...



::SIGH:: What a day...
Link Posted: 8/24/2003 4:25:48 PM EST
Damn, did you really have a good time????
Link Posted: 8/24/2003 4:49:03 PM EST
AND you didn't need your rain gear!

Do you really think those thunder storms would have stayed away if Fritz had been there?
Link Posted: 8/24/2003 5:12:53 PM EST

Damn, did you really have a good time????

Most definitely! I had a great time honing my skill! It was nice to learn new techniques, and I'm looking forward to taking the Handgun 2 course next summer (because I can't really afford much more instruction this year). I'm looking forward to the Tactical training in Handgun 2 course, shooting while moving in different directions, speed shooting, etc... The Handgun 1 course was very intuitive, and I had a lot of fun popping one ragged hole into my targets after practice...

Do you really think those thunder storms would have stayed away if Fritz had been there?

I'm not sure... I guess we'll have to wait until the Tactical Shotgun course to test the theory!!! Besides, I'm looking forward to seeing Fritz do his high-speed pump shooting mad-skillz... Then seeing myself fail miserably trying to do just as good. Sully let me let off a quick 8 rds through my shotgun at the end of the class before leaving too!!!

(Thanks again for that too Sully!) I miss getting to shoot my shottie because I can't do it too often because indoor ranges (A/F) don't allow shotshells (only slugs)

BTW, I didn't need rain gear, but sure needed bug spray (in the AM) and sun lotion (all day long) and tons of water in the heat...
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 5:57:36 AM EST

Originally Posted By jem375:
Damn, did you really have a good time????

Sure sounds like it. I counted 37 exclamation points, !!!!!!!.....
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