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Posted: 8/29/2004 4:13:13 PM EDT
Did the Desert Wildlife Trail today with a few friends, goal: the Mormon Well. It's located just north of the Paiute reservation, and is maintained by the Feds. There's a "No Firearms" sign posted, and they request that you sign in. the trail is well maintained, and it can easily be done with a car. Elevation rises to 7000 feet. The weather was just AWESOME; windows open most of the time. It's amazing how green it gets up there!

HIGHLIGHTS: about 1/2 way, there's a slight bend, and approximately 30 feet up on a cliff face is a cave. It appears to be a natural occurrence. We scrambled up to the cave, and saw the two chambers, and took pictures.

#2 was a side road off of the main route of travel. You are supposed to stay on the trails; any deviation is marked with a "No Vehicles" sign. This sde road was not marked as the many other trails, so off we went up the slight rise. Both of us dropped to 4LO and climbed. My buddy with no off roading experience had some serious off-camber pucker factor, as he could look out his window and could see the disappearing standard road. Next, we followed the rock-strewn wash until it met up with the main trail. We considered following the wash farther; it's actually good that we didn't. It meandered somewhere out of sight from the main road and entrance.

Total time was about 5 hours from NLV to NLV. The route was 95 N, exiting the DWR road, and exiting on the 93. It links with 15S just at Apex, and home we were.

Link Posted: 8/29/2004 5:12:31 PM EDT
Agreed, it's a fun drive. You are allowed to hunt bighorn sheep out there if you have a tag, it's in season and you otherwise follow all the hunting regulations. There's supposed to be about 1800 bighorn sheep on the Desert National Wildlife Range. That property is maintained by the U. S. Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service. There's a nice little walking trail at the Visitor Center if you have little ones who aren't ready for a desert hike.
Link Posted: 8/29/2004 5:38:49 PM EDT
i saw the pond that was there at the beginning...i kept thinking 'West Nile Virus!'
Link Posted: 8/29/2004 6:46:56 PM EDT
Roger that.
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