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Posted: 9/28/2004 5:46:08 PM EDT
Does anyone know what the deal is with duck hunting on public lands in NC? My understanding is that you can use the "waterfowl impoundments?" Is that true? There's three quite convenient to me. Any other suggestions for a good place to take down some Daffy? I'm very close to Jordan Game Lands, anyone know of a decent spot in that area? Can you set up next to lakes? Like Jordan Lake?

Link Posted: 9/30/2004 2:04:27 PM EDT
I'd like to know this also. My lab is very interested....
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 7:01:54 PM EDT
I made a called to the NC Wildlife Division of Land Management today, and they filled me in a bit. At least as it pertains to the Waterfowl impoundments in the Jordan Lake and Butner/Falls Lake Waterfowl Impoundments. They are open for anyone who wants to use them. You've got to pay attention to federal restrictions beyond the local ones. i.e. what days and what hours you can hunt. But, they are there. Slacker, if you're interested, two maybe three of us will be headed out on Saturday morning. It's the last day of the early season, and you're welcome to come. We've got one lab, but two are always better.

Soooo.... Today a buddy and I went out after classes to scout out the impoundment of most interest to myself. I walked up the trail to the top of the impoundment, and as soon as I could see over the top, what I saw almost made me trip and fall. I shit you not, there was a PRETTY GIRL, sitting on the impoundment, in a BIKINI with a FISHING POLE in her hand. If she'd had a cooler of Budweiser I'd have thought I was in a beer commercial. I stood in shock for a moment almost thinking I was dreaming. We talked her for a while, and it came out that she was an avid fisher... ahhh... fisher"hottie?" Who was bored, and she couldn't convince any of her friends to come along so she just went out to do a little fishing on her own... I've never seen something so amazing in my life. I can't my girlfriend to go shooting, hunting or fishing. Even if I ask...
Link Posted: 10/1/2004 3:14:52 AM EDT
Fishing Hottie?
Obviously, it was a trap set up by your GF. No other explanation.

Sat. AM may work out well. I'll have to check my Labs schedule....
I'll call you this evening to discuss.
Link Posted: 10/1/2004 3:38:59 AM EDT
I used to duck hunt Jordan lake several years ago. Works best if you have a boat. My favorate area was at the north end of the lake, the west finger, on the eastern side. If you go by boat, no one will bother you.

There is another good spot, but I don't recall exactly how to find it again. There was a large stream entering from the west side below the 64 bridge. Gread wood duck shooting there in the evenings. There is a closed road that allows access to the stream/river.

The only time you will see the game warden is at the boat ramp.
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