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Posted: 10/7/2004 9:40:45 AM EDT
I am offering discounted electrical work for local AR15.com members. Normal rates are $45.00/hr plus $10.00/hr per employee on site. However, since my leg is bad, I have been simply bidding the work for what it is worth, rather than doing an hourly charge since I am much slower than what I used to be. Reduced rates for this board will be equivalent to $25.00/hr, no employee charge, and no trip/truck charge.

I have been an Industrial Electrician since Jan 1993, and have done many projects as a foreman, including the Finova Building (Scottsdale Road, just North of Camelback); the Scottsdale Hilton remodel (Hayden and Lincoln); the Heritage Retirement Center (Sun City West, essentially Bell Road and BFE Avenue); ATC (Allied Tube and Conduit, Grand and Van Buren); 11 stores at Desert Ridge Marketplace, including some of the biggest ones; and the new hanger additions to the Cave Creek Airport. I have also been involved with numerous, high-end housing projects, the total of which I could not even venture a guess.

I hire and retain only the very best employees. We don’t put footprints on your carpet, fingerprints on your wall, or kick your dog. Attire is professional for our trade, and safety is the primary consideration. I give a written, 2 year warranty for everything I touch, or that my employees do, and my pricing is very fair. Don’t expect a bunch of slobs who smoke pot on their lunch break and leave a mess to show up at your house or business. We are, indeed, one of the most professional companies that operates in the state, though we only do so locally. When we cut holes I patch them personally, paint them, and am never satisfied, even if you are. You all but have to throw me out of your house if I am not absolutely certain it meets my standards, which I am sure will always be greater than your own. LOL. I shit you not.

Because of my leg, I had to leave the Industrial field and working for large companies (Canyon State, Lafferty, JMEC, etc, all who I worked for). I get my license in another 4 months, and just do what I can now.

I am in desperate need to buy an Ar15, so I am soaking up work to fund my habit so I can go spend more money on ammo, reloading stuff, LOL… told ya’ll I’d get addicted to this site! Anyway, if anyone would like work on their home or business, please drop me an IM.

Disclaimer: At this time, I am NOT a licensed contractor, though I do demand strict compliance to code (NEC and local) and PERSONALLY inspect everything any of my employees do. Two violations of any of my policies is automatic termination, period. I do my own patches and painting, and when I am done you’ll never know I was there. In fact, I was supposed to do Brian Enos’ house, but we lost contact, somehow. I wanted a signed copy of his book L Oh well. I use the HIGHEST quality of materials, to which you will receive the original copy (for warranty purposes), so be prepared to pay a little more for those – no, I will NOT use junk materials, no matter how much you want to save.

Ya’ll can email me at: richardh247@cox.net or call me at: 602.334.1723. Thanks in advance, everyone!

Disclaimer #2: You have to let me shoot yer guns at least once if I buy the ammo! LOL
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 4:20:09 PM EDT
Ever work for E.F. Charles?
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 6:57:35 PM EDT
Do you only do big jobs are small ones as well? Meaning additions to a gargae or a new small office.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:54:33 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Milhouse:
Ever work for E.F. Charles?hr

No sir, mostly commercial, though I do have about 10 years residential experience in conjunction with the commercial/industrial work I was doing at the time. Heard really good things about some of their subs, though, and other not so much good things about other ones, LOL. The wonderful world of gossip in the Arizona construction industry...

Most of my residential credentials are easily found through Awnings by Design, a company that I provided electrical work for on multi-million dollar houses, including Stevie Nicks, Phil Donahue, Aurie Lyundike, and Phil Barnes.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 8:07:06 PM EDT

Originally Posted By DasPferd:
Do you only do big jobs are small ones as well? Meaning additions to a gargae or a new small office.

I do everything right now, sir. I add a single receptacle or completely wire commercial structures. I usually base it on the job; I am honest enough to say if it is either not worth my time or beyond the scope of my capability. Right now, everything is worth my time, even though I have cut my rates dramatically for AR members. However, there will always be jobs beyond my capabilities.

For me, getting my license soon, the reputation and word of mouth conveyance is well worth any project I take on. Not to mention the impending AR purchase, LOL!!! Sure, the money is needed, but my charcter and integrity have a far more value of importance to me than any check.

If you have something in mind, please do call me! I bid for free, including materials, so you have nothing to lose. The other day I did 3 ceiling fans, but the other week I did an entire kitchen remodel. I am opposed to nothing when it comes to work (remember, I have a bum leg), and I want to keep my employees, so I look at everything. However, I will always be honest enough to tell you if I cannot handle it. And, of course, you still get the discount!

Thank you!


Link Posted: 10/8/2004 11:35:36 PM EDT
My advice, with things like electrical work stick with a licensed and bonded contractor. If anything happens to your house or business you will be glad you did.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 11:01:19 AM EDT

Originally Posted By azeagle:
My advice, with things like electrical work stick with a licensed and bonded contractor. If anything happens to your house or business you will be glad you did.

I do have a license I can work under from a good friend of mine who is a General Contractor if that is a concern. You are correct that it is much better to go through one, but I know many licensed electricians locally that do dangerous work all the time. They are complete, blithering idiots, LOL. There are some great ones, too! Working under a license just costs a little more in labor, is all, because I have to kick some his way. Still, it would only amount to a couple extra bucks an hour.

But my references speak for themselves, and until I do get my license, that'll hafta do for now (about 4 months). azeagle is absolutely right about electrical work, though... never trust your instincts, always verify references and do a search to ensure you are dealing with someone credible, and having a bond registered does protect your interests!
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 12:59:48 AM EDT
btt... just so I can get my schedule squared away for the next 2 months.
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