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Posted: 12/22/2002 12:24:36 AM EDT

I used to shoot out at that range quite a lot - both the rifle side and the shotgun / skeet side.

After I went into the military, I heard they started regulating the range and only allowing *one* round loaded per shot (WTF?).  How are you supposed to shoot an AR with those kinds of rules?

Anyhow - does anyone know if that range is still operational?

Former Taylor, MI resident - 82ndAbn
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 5:21:03 AM EDT
Don't know if they closed the range down or not.

As far as the one shot rule, last time I was at a DNR range (about 7 years ago) at Pontiac lake in Waterford. I was sighting in a scope on my AR and I had a 20 loaded up.  I was taking my time as I wanted good shot placement to sight in.  When this "I got me a title so I have a power trip goin' in my big head" dude came over and started yelling to me to open the action and unload.  I asked him what the problem was and he started yelling about the one shot rule.  At that point I told him that if I wanted to shoot one round at a time, I would have gotten a muzzle loader, but I did not like reloading that much so I got an auto loader.  I guess he did not like my answer as I could tell that he wanted to throw me out.  But I beat him to the punch and started packing up.  Never went back to a DNR range and never will.
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 6:22:46 AM EDT
Thanks for the response - I didn't realize the DNR Stormtroopers had gotten that bad.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:13:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/30/2002 1:13:57 PM EDT by nubs69]
The range on Sharon Hollow Road is still up and running.  I am there almost every weekend plinking away.  Yes you can load up y\the clip but at least 2-3 seconds between rounds.  NO rapid fire.   I can respect this as long as I can load more than one round.   the Bald Mountain Range is one round only.  That is a royal pain is the a--.

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