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Posted: 2/24/2007 6:55:41 PM EST
Greetings all,

Was originally going to hold off on posting this until later. But figured why not, I'm here and all manner of other odd brain things in my head... And lack of sleep so why not?

Got up and rolled out around 0730, arrived on the site about 0815-ish. Slightly confused by the location I turned around to make sure I went to the right place. Regretted that as a large convoy of vehicles passed me on my way back out. Turned around and I was originally at the right place.
Once everything was set-up and the burn barrel got started providing with some warmth. The class went well, hats off to Steve, Paul and Chris for putting it on. Despite the utterly dull man on the video for some ridiculous amount of time that I'm sure is/has increased my chances of getting some form of cancer by 1000%. But it was a generally enjoyable experience with all of the constant pausing and explaining, humorous ancedotes from Paul, Steve, and Chris to make things clear to those of us who had semi-zoned out and were imagining what Mister Boring-Bow-Tie-Man was like in High School...

But after six days of Mister Boring-Bow-Tie-Man, and insightful speeches, long ranting lectures rife with a few colorful metaphors, Paul's story telling/wisdom/good ideas/if you have a Concealed-Carry-Badge-You're-a-Dumbass-Give-Me-Back-The-Certificate (paraphraised or something along those lines)... and several "ten minute" breaks later we got onto the fun stuff about holsters, printing, and various other important things that my tired mind doesn't remember off hand...

Also, Pepper Spray.

Moving on, we got to the range portion, no revolvers were present so it went by fairly quickly. And with the failing light those of us in the second and third groups got a pseudo-low-light shooting class. I myself was lucky in that the pistol, that was loaned to me by Steve, had night sights on it otherwise I would have been in a world of trouble as I was a bit lazy utterly hardcore and didn't change out my lenses on my glasses from the tinted to the clear... Still, I think I did fairly decent for my first time shooting a pistol...

Once we got through with the range portion and we got someone to light up the area with their headlights (sorry, you told me your name at 0845-ish and now 16+ hours later I don't recall it) the certificates were signed, passed out, and then I had to roll out to make a renedvous with destiny... Several destinies, involving blasting past the street I meant to turn onto but got to see a family of five deer crossing the road... Dinner, plugging Defensive Concepts to several friends, getting warm for once in the day (gorram North Carolina Weather...), etc...

All-in-All, the class was great. The Instructors were friendly, helpful, backgrounds were diverse, very knowledgeable. I look forward to taking many more of their classes that they offer and will hopefully will be able to get something worked out with some buddies and others in the Concord/Kannapolis area for a Hand-to-Hand Combat class here sometime in the not to distant future.

Speaking of which, Steve if you're reading this you've probably read your IM's already, but if you haven't I think I might have sent you one by the time you read this.

And one final note: Pepper Spray.

I have no idea if this AAR was any manner of coherent, or sensible, but I enjoyed the class and wanted to get the word out that Defensive Concepts North Carolina is an excellent outfit, mobile, classes are cheap. If you're thinking of taking any classes from them I highly reccomend them.

On one other side note: Pepper Spray. And it was great meeting all of y'all at the class today, though I admit I wasn't the most sociable creature out there today (In the event that y'all are wondering who this is it is Jason Garber, khaki pants, grey hoodie, black watch cap/tobogone, brown boots), but I look forward to seeing many of y'all again at other classes.

Goodnight and God bless you all!

-Jason G.
Link Posted: 2/25/2007 6:55:55 AM EST

We appreciate you and all the other students who came out and helped to make the class possible.

While Mr. "Bow-Tie Man" was indeed a pain for you (and us since we see him at every class) the state mandates us showing those videos in their entirity. Luckily this time no one tried to kill themselves during the first video . Anyways, we try to spice up the class as much as possible and attempt to prevent people from having a bare-bones, "I'm only here because I have to be here" expereince. Paul, Steve, and I all had less than stellar CCH classes as students and we all made a vow not to do the same to our students.

As for the 10 minute breaks, we are usually good about sticking to them. With this class however, we were hit with a number of outstanding questions during the breaks that we felt needed to be answered and that caused them to run a bit long. Several of the "break time" questions were repeated during the class so everyone could hear them also. Also the longer breaks help to break the power of the bow-tie spell.

Once again, I'm glad you were pleased with the class. As Steve told you, we are more than happy to do any of the classes we offer at a place of your choosing as long as it meets the safety parameters we have in place. Also keep in mind that we have a defensive pistol class coming up next week and a defensive shotgun course coming up in April. If anyone wants information on these classes, get in touch with Steve through his multiple means of communication or me through IMs on here.

Thanks again,

Link Posted: 2/25/2007 8:28:01 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/25/2007 8:28:51 AM EST by thumper_abn]
Thanks for the kind words.
We'd be happy to hook you up with anything we teach.
Just get up with one of us and we'll take care of you.

Thanks again for braving the chill yesterday.

Paul Eudy
Defensive Concepts North Carolina
Link Posted: 2/25/2007 2:38:54 PM EST
I'll have all ya'll know that "Mr. Bow-tie man" is up for an Academy Award for his stellar performance.

In short, I am very much pleased to read that you had a good experience, but I am proud in the fact that we had the pleasure to teach as well as increase the number of citizens more prepared to defend themselves by the completion of the class.

That's why we do what we do with the enthusiasm we do it.
Link Posted: 2/25/2007 3:57:14 PM EST
BIG +1 to StVF101's comments.

Steve, Paul and Chris did an excellent job with this class. All three of these gentlemen have my compliments and thanks. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone interested in pursuing their CCH training.

One aspect of their class I was particularly impressed with was their ability to recognize and effectively address the rather wide range of experience that was present in our class, from those that had never touched a gun before to those that had plenty.
S,P & C were able to convey the information in a way that everyone could understand and were always more than willing to take a moment and expand on a topic when questions came up.

Having suffered through a terrible CCH class back in Utah, I appreciate their efforts to make it a less tedious experience for students out here.

I'm looking forward to participating in their other classes in the future, these gentlemen have quite a bit to offer folks.

Thanks gentlemen!

Also, I'm sorry for having forgot our host's name (it's that whole 08:30 thing), But a big thank you for opening your home and land up to us for this class.

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