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Posted: 9/17/2005 8:25:54 PM EDT
I am looking at driving down from Amarillo to the Dallas Market Hall gun show next weekend. Is it worth the drive???? I am looking for some AK kits, various mags and ammo. Probably an Eotech and a PKAV for my SAR!. Mostly military surplus type stuff.
Is it a good show??? How are the deals and are there going to be any big dealers??? MGS comes to mind. I have never been to their show before and thought I might try it since I will not be able to go to Tulsa for the big show.

Link Posted: 9/17/2005 8:44:36 PM EDT
The Market Hall show is almost always worth going to. I have no idea what a PKAV is, but everything else you mentioned I have seen there. The only thing is that you need to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what the price should be.

Usually we have lunch together on Saturday...sometimes Sunday.....sometimes both days. The only person in the DFW Crew that is afraid of food is FALARAK. We usually meet up in front of the snack bar at noon and hang around for only a few minutes before we head out. The show people will stamp your hand so you can get back in after lunch.

Link Posted: 9/17/2005 8:54:01 PM EDT
Thanks mm,

a PKAV is a Russian red dot scope. Supposed to be pretty good from reviews I have read and cheaper than a Kobra.

I will be coming down there with a buddy from work. He works Fri night so we probably won't leave til around 1 or 2 Sat afternoon.I think that will put us in D/FW around 5 or 6. We will be there bright and early Sun morning. We may stay til monday and stop by MGS and Bachmans. I put in a bunch of OT just for this show and am also bringing a Vector UZI for trading material.
I am hoping the INFIDEL tshirt that I ordered here will be in by then. It ought to make a good gunshow statement.
Thanks again,
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:27:19 AM EDT

You definitely DO want to go to the Dallas Market Hall show. There are lots of good shows in Texas but it is THE show in this part of the state if you want lots of big dealers and lots of selection. There are no better deals anywhere because the dealers all compete very strongly against one another.

Link Posted: 9/18/2005 7:56:41 AM EDT
Ever since downsizing the former Astrohall show in Houston, MH is the only large show in Texas.

Link Posted: 9/18/2005 10:34:41 AM EDT
Yes it is the best one, others are ok in between waiting for this one at there are others around though.

I will have my AR15 shirt, I will be on the look out for the rest of you.

See you there.


Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:53:32 PM EDT
I will have on my AR shirt as well " everyone has a plan till....." and set up at a table. I will also bring the DPMS upper in 22 cal that has less than 100 rounds through it if there are any takers? It is almost BRAND NEW in ther box and ready for a new home. The daughter wanted to try it but she prefers the 10/22 and I have no use for it myself.

I will also have a few wheel guns, Colts, rifles and shotguns if anybody is interested.

As they said this is the best show and always well attended. I have been setting ip there for 3 years and it is always GREAT!

Link Posted: 9/19/2005 5:38:22 AM EDT
I have an LMT/Lauer M4gery I've been trying to sell. Can I bring it into the gunshow and sell or trade it? Ray
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 8:17:45 AM EDT
i'll be there as well with my RRA m4gery hog killer!!
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 1:53:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2005 1:55:24 PM EDT by imcoltsguy]

Originally Posted By ferretray:
I have an LMT/Lauer M4gery I've been trying to sell. Can I bring it into the gunshow and sell or trade it? Ray

Since your tag says "USA" instead of "Texas", I can't give you a simple answer.
Yes= If you live in Texas you can bring it, and sell or trade it legally.
No=If you live somewhere else, you can bring it, and maybe sell or trade it, but it wouldn't be legal to do that.

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