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Posted: 9/29/2004 9:32:13 AM EDT
I was driving down Divison and ran across a stroe front claiming to be a "Class 3" dealer selling AOW, suppressors to the public and machineguns to LEO's. It opens sometime after October 1st. I met one of the guys who claims to be a partner and on the license. He is punkish, late 20's and employeed at a local store in retail other than guns.

It is interesting but has a HIGH flaky bastard factor. Does anyone know anything about these guys? I heard the usual BATFE sting crap at the local range and a different store. The problem with that is why would you "sting" someone by offering the products you can shoot legally and assistance filling out proper paperwork?

I have a passing interest in a few things AOW and suppressed, but I have no desire to have my money tied up in a fly by night operation run by dipshits who wont stay in business long enough to get paperwork back from the feds.
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