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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/18/2003 2:24:35 PM EST
What do you want Santa to bring in the lines of a firearm?

Dear Santa,

I've been a really good boy this year so please bring me what I want.

I've got all the good stuff so now I just have to flesh out the collection. At the top is a BIG bore pistol - a 500 Smith and Wesson or a .458 hand cannon. I see Turners has them on sale:

Magnum Research BFR 500 S&W - 7-1/2" Barrel Is Cut-Rifled 416-R Stainless
Steel, Single Action Revolver, 5-Shot. Save
$150.00! Regular Price $999.99 - Now Only $849.98

The only other weapon on my list is a .50 BMG upper for my AR's but I keep asking myself how much used I'd get out of one. I'll never add one to my collection if I keep thinking rational thoughts like that!

I want a set of Interceptor body armor and a set of Generation 2+ goggles as well.

Thanks for getting rid of Gray Davis as an early present now please follow though with Boxer.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 5:35:33 PM EST
Dear Santa,
Please do NOT bring me more firearms, you sadist bastard, you wanna see me in the poor house, don't you! Why, you said you'd bring 2, and I ended up with six! Yer math is all messed up, be gone!
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 6:02:53 PM EST
Dear Santa,

All I ask for christmas is my Freedom.
Link Posted: 11/19/2003 10:50:56 AM EST
Dear Santa,

Please remove the Caliban axis of evil, and accompanying laws.
Link Posted: 11/19/2003 11:52:21 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/19/2003 11:54:12 AM EST by FireControlman]
Screw Santa.

Dear Wife,
I would love a 1919A4 from Rapid Fire and a tri-pod thrown in.

A 50bmg upper from www.watsonsweapons.com.

A 74 build stored at my AZ location.

A FAL in CA legal configuration.

Tires/rims + audio upgrade for my vehicle.

and for the real request

Dear God,

Continued good health for my family.

The right home at the right price for my family.

My stolen AK returned.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 5:48:04 PM EST
Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year and I would just like to see a couple things under my tree.

My G1 FAL finished up now that I have my US parts. (barrel timed, headspaced)and if you think I was very very good maybe new park and paint.

A SA M1A loaded or Scout old or new it wont matter since its a present

Santa if its not to much to ask a GPS unit as a stocking stuffer might not be to bad.

Milk and cookies as always
Link Posted: 11/21/2003 11:56:14 AM EST
Here is this years wish. My Mom and my Wife bitched at me a few years ago about how hard it is to find anything for me. So I started a list for them. It is now a "Living list" that I use to budget for the things I want. Some people think I am being an ass for having a four page list. But I get what I really want and it is bigh enough that I am always surprised by what is in the box.

Here is a wish list and where you can find it. The ** items are doubled up between two companies.


Brwonells (641) 623-4000
#167-001-220 Perma-Blue $ 3.84
#167-004-170 Aluminum black $ 5.76
#234-009-032 Dewey CHR Chamber rod $ 6.50
#102-100-004 Break-Free CLP 4 oz. bottle $ 3.20
#111-002-024 Golden rod - 24 inch $28.52
#080-827-000 Rubber vise jaw covers $12.69
#080-020-004 Bronze Vise Jaws 4 inch $19.95
#080-441-000 Magna-tip Phillips bit set $2.56
#080-435-000 Magna-tip Torx bit set $6.69
Total $

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions
#515-191-000 Gun Cleaning Solution Non-Ammoniated $ 58.85
#515-191-010 Gun Lubricating Solution $ 55.99
Total $114.84
Other Tools
#649-301-100 Glock Combo Sight tool $16.00
#080-725-000 Auto Pistol Sight Mover $57.28

AR-15 Tools
#080-216-050 Carrier Key Bit Kit $ 6.18
#769-100-223 5.56 (.223) Broken Shell Extractor $ 12.73 **
#739-000-007 Star Safety Selector $ 7.34
#018-150-050 ½ Square Drive Torque Wrench $187.00
#018-150-375 3/8 Square Drive Torque Wrench $153.00
#080-216-010 Pivot pin detent depressor $ 3.25
#230-112-105 Roll pin punch kit $ 19.02

Remington M700 Tools
#792-212-045 ¼ Drive Torque Handle 45 Inch Pound $ 71.45
#084-400-001 Universal Bolt Brush $ 6.54
Total $ 77.99
Remington M870 Tools
#184-110-121 12 Gage NO-GO Headspace Gauge $ 19.50
#080-870-110 Pin Pusher $ 11.63
#590-020-000 Menck Shotgun Magazine Corkscrew $ 19.95
#590-016-008 Menck Mark 3 For end Wrench $ 42.95
#080-870-203 870/1100 Shell Latch Staker $ 53.13
#080-870-213 Replacement Swage Point $ 9.25
#080-612-001 Deluxe Staking Kit $ 36.49
#080-870-200 870 Butt stock Bolt Wrench $ 45.77
#080-187-203 870 Magazine Spring Retainer Tool $ 25.46
#080-870-205 870 Detent Staking Punch $ 14.97
#755-001-000 Chamber Brush Kit $ 30.00
#924-500-870 Remington shop manual for the 870 $ 29.95
Total $339.05
Beretta M92 Tools
#080-920-101 Beretta Grip Bushing Staker $21.95
#080-920-010 Replacement Bushing Staker Head $19.95
#080-092-000 Beretta Punch Set $35.64
#080-920-103 Magazine Lip Gauge $25.03
#348-180-220 Mag. Lip Forming Pliers - Flat $18.23
#348-180-223 Mag. Lip Forming Pliers - Concave $18.90
#584-045-092 Beretta Sight mover $54.00
Total $193.70

SAW (480) 940-7397
SA09003 Magazine spring extended life (4 PACK) $16.00
SA05005 Extractor spring, heavy duty (1 to 4) $ 4.00 each
SA06001 Semi, disconnector spring, heavy duty (1 to 3) $ 3.00 each

Bushmaster 1-800-998-7928
#HK-07F HK-94 Trijicon Front sight $ 50.00
#700212 ARMS H&K Scope Mount $250.00**
EL-HK94-001 H&K 94 Brass Catcher $ 35.00
EL-HK91-001 H&K 91 Brass Catcher $ 35.00
EL-UZI-001 UZI Brass Catcher $ 35.00
#BBLU16 16” Uzi Barrel $ 60.00
AMER-001 AR-15 Barrel Vise Jaw Blocks $ 15.00
8448670-30K Magazine Rebuild Kit (need up to 9) $ 5.95Each**
8448670-LULLA Lulla mag loader $23.99

JB Manufacturing 1-801-985-3990
Tac-Latch II Need two (2) $49.95 each

Georgia Precision 1-888-741-8259
AR-15 Chamber Cleaning Tool $12.95
Bore Snake bore cleaner for .308 CAL. $14.95
Perma Slik G $16.00

DPMS 1-800-578-3767
#BL-06-CW Crush Washer $2.99
#MA-KT Magazine Rebuild Kit (need 9) $5.89 each**

DSA (847) 277-7258
#US-HTS US made Lower parts set for the FN/FAL $90.00
#087-US US made pistol grip for the FN/FAL $25.00
#019-US US made gas piston for the FN/FAL $35.00
#US021 U.S. Made Synthetic Hand guard for the FN/FAL $49.95
#113 New STG58 Carry Handle for the FN/FAL $15.00
#F-308EXT Broken Shell Extractor - .308 Cal. $ 4.95
#F-223EXT Broken Shell Extractor - .223 Cal. $ 4.95
#641 Gas Regulator Wrench for the FN/FAL $15.00

TAPCO 1-800-554-1445
#AK1010 US Made gas piston for the AK-47 $19.99

HKM700212 ARMS H&K Scope Mount $196.00**
HBP5 Harris Bipod AR-15 adapter $7.29
BLK41CQ01BK CQB/Emergency Rescue Belt $23.20
BLK65DC32BK Black Hawk Discrete Rifle Carrying Case $90.00**
MOP2534 Monadnock Mariner Expandable Baton -Detective $43.25**

BOTACH 1-800-867-7999 OR 213-294-5555
65DC32/G78 Black Hawk Discrete Rifle Carrying Case $100.00**
Monadnock-2534 Monadnock Mariner Expandable Baton -Detective $53.00**

GALLS 1-800-477-7766
Z-HS108 Tape tender (holds “Sheriff line” tape) $24.99
Q-AP128 Telephone recorder adapter for tape players $11. 99
Q-HS074 Rolatape single wheel $39.99**

LC ACTION 1-800-541-1270PAGE #
79 MM12 single wheel rolatape $36.95**

PALADIN PRESS 1-800-392-2400
ISBN 1-58160-323-1 Silencer history vol. II $49.00
ISBN 0-87364-895-1 Workbench silencers $16.00
#SUN Sun tzu's manual for war $11.95
ISBN 1-58160-258-8 Glock exotic weapons system $16.00
ISBN 1-58160-291-X Beyond pepper spray $30.00
ISBN 1-58160-324-X Carbine & Shotgun speed shooting $18.00
Link Posted: 11/21/2003 7:40:50 PM EST
You don't ask for much do you, Lucky?
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 10:36:28 PM EST
Uh, a rimfire hk-94 clone
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 2:53:36 PM EST
Dear Santa

Please bring an end to the prohibitions on machine guns here in CA so I can buy my dream gun. A honest to goodness WWII full auto BAR
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:57:04 PM EST
dear fat drunken bastard in a red suit,

ill take any type of firearm and any amount of ammo and cash you can give.
in return ill slip you a bottle of thunderbird and a box of twinkies, instead of milk and cookies, as usual.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 8:52:17 PM EST

Originally Posted By Paul:
At the top is a BIG bore pistol - a 500 Smith and Wesson or a .458 hand cannon.

I'll sell you my .41 Mag cheap.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 9:44:30 PM EST
Lucky...I think you should be more specific for your wife, and mother. Just kidding!
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 9:59:18 PM EST
Beretta 686 Onyx Pro 20 ga 30" barrels
Springfield Armory XD9 4" Bitone
Kahr PM9
Ruger Blackhawk SS .44 Mag 4 5/8"
Marlin 1895 .44 mag
Remington 700 P 24" fluted

Tactical gear (see my post in the gear forum)
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 6:32:42 AM EST

Originally Posted By AR15fan:

Originally Posted By Paul:
At the top is a BIG bore pistol - a 500 Smith and Wesson or a .458 hand cannon.

I'll sell you my .41 Mag cheap.

Got a pic?
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