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Posted: 10/1/2004 7:55:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/1/2004 8:05:32 PM EDT by VaniB]
They must have great liability insurance covering their butts at Country Country. There's little or no safety concern there. I spend my time with one eye down on the target, and the other eye viewing who and what's going on next to me. I had three foreign speaking guys next to me one day, taking turns firing a semi auto pistol, passing it back and forth to each other with the next round ready to go off and the hammer back! Like Driving, if you can do it defensivly and watch out, it's a decent range. And that's the one I attend.

About Hotwell's: I havent been there in 20 years. Are they still refusing to let you step out to hang the targets, or examine them? One range guy use to go out there and do everything for you. Naturally, he had to do the work of 10 shooters who would normally hang their own targets like you do at the other public ranges. Of course no range guy is going to hang the targets as straight or in the same order as you prefer if you were to do it yourself. And because it was a chore for them to do the target hanging for everyone, they would leave the targets out there forever. -Really enoying system! I never went back. Glad I didn't have to use their bathroom; I'm not sure they'ed have used 8 squares and a right hand with short fingernails.
Link Posted: 10/2/2004 1:46:21 AM EDT
i had a similar experience actually a couple of them at carters. one time there was a guy shooting a ruger semi 9mm, dont know what model but he had jambs of all sort and he would turn the pistol side ways while trying to clear POINTING DOWN THE FIRING LINE. i was shooting my ak at the time and told him that if i where to acidentally point it at him how would he fell. he left shortly after.

second insident was at the 50yd i was shooting my ar and my fiance was shooting my 10/22 and next to us was a father and son shooting a 22 also. well they called cease fire and the dad decides to run in and get more targets but told the son that they were going to the 25 to shoot. well while the dad was gone the son decides to pick the 22 up off of the bench (when it was suppose to be in the rack bolt open) and sweeps me and my girl with the muzzle. i grab my girl and have her get his dad and i take the rifle away, i didnt know how the gun worked so i held it to the ground and when the R.O. comes he takes the rifle and locks the bolt back and guess what ejects... an unspent 22 round. i look at my girl and she had that look.." we're getting the f*#ck outta here.

and then we have today, well actually yerterday now. me and some buds are at the 50yd shooting our ar's when a guy and a girl come. he had a fanny pack and a holster on his back didnt see what he was shooting but it was a pistol. they lay their stuff down and while everyone is shooting away he starts walking down range with his ear protection on. by the time i get there to tell them what was going on he is finished and is walking back and guess what he had to say.."oh my bad". i just looked at him and was thinking to myself, man it would have been more than your bad.

oh and hotwells still has one guy go change all the targets which is kind of a bitch cause when me and my buds go we dont shoot bolt actions of single shot guns so our targets look like shit after maybe two mags and we have to sit there and hope they feel like changing targets for us
Link Posted: 10/2/2004 7:07:02 PM EDT
Never been to Hotwell's, but agree that CC range is a scary place!

My advice is join a club. There are a number of good ones in the Houston area, and you will be shooting (for the most part) along side others who are at least reasonably serious about their sport, and who are (for the most part) safe and respectful. You have a bad egg in every bunch, but there are far fewer in the private clubs.
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