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Posted: 5/6/2004 2:07:37 PM EST

Come one Come all
There will be a carbine match this Saturday at the range in Eagle
Signup is at 0830, first rounds downrange at 0900.
We will be shooting 4 or 5 stages, including our longrange stage. We
now have three flash targets!!!!
One stage will be a pistol carbine tranistion. The rest will be
carbine only.
Bring at least 150 rounds of carbine ammo (Kurt, I'd bring more like
250 as we will be shooting some "longer shots" :) )and at least 25
pistol rounds.

We follow IDPA rules in general. What does this mean....
* holsters must be strong side and "vertical"
* Pistol must be IDPA approved
* Carbine: any defense oriented magazine fed carbine up to .308
(nothing larger.)Most people are shooting 16" or 20" barrel ar-15s,
there are a scattering of AKs and AR10s. Iron sights or optics
allowed. We all shoot in the same class.
* Carbine and pistol must be in a SAFE operating condition.
* For Carbines: any magazine capacity is allowed, bring more than one
as some scenarios will require mag changes.
* We follow IDPA mag change rules and all magazines (carbine mags can
be downloaded by 2 for reliability))must start at capacity.
* There will be NO shotgun stages this month.

* We run a cold range and expect everyone to operate and handle their
weapons in a safe manner or they will be asked to leave.

* This match is an informal practice of defensive carbine and pistol
skills. We do not crown a champion, but htere are bragging and
ragging rights.
* No steel core or armor piercing ammo.

Taken from the West Houston IDPA group on Yahoo. I'm going to be there to shoot... thought y'all might be interested. http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/whidpa/?yguid=182093981

I don't have directions yet, but I'll post them when I get them.


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