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Posted: 8/26/2004 10:31:42 AM EDT
We seem to follow California so hopefully the legislators in Albany don't pick up this nasty habbit!

Would not hurt to call Arnold and give him your two cents worth....

Dan Tucker
UPstate NY

From the Fifty Caliber Institute......

There is apparently no limit to the insanity in California. For the umpteenth
time in the long and sordid tale of AB-50, the California Assembly voted on the
bill and the bill lost by a 35-36 margin.

That was voting by the rules.

But the rules seem to matter very little in Sacramento. Shortly after voting to
send the fifty caliber ban to a well-deserved grave, California Democrats called
for a "re-vote" and we watched as a handful of Democrats pressed the vote button
at their own desk, then calmly walked to the empty desk of another member of the
Assembly and voted a second time. This, we learn, is what California Legislators
call "Ghost Voting." Nobody there is shocked because "they do it all the time."

Ah, I see...

As an American whose last "do over" was somewhere around the third grade, I was

What they casually call "ghost voting" seems to me like a complete abrogation of
the whole voting concept. So who gets two votes? Does anybody get three? What
can California residents hope for when their fundamental system of government
has been reduced to a series of childish games?

These questions will boggle the rational mind until Californians decide to trust
the reins of government to those who believe in silly, outdated ideas like rules
and procedure, or "one equal vote for all." That matter is beyond our hands.
What is before us is the last step on AB-50’s road to becoming the greatest
farce put into state law.

We are turning our attention to the new Governor of California, called to office
by Californians sick of that very “status quo” and "politics as usual"
mindset. This will be a chance for Governor Schwarzenegger to step up to the
plate and put the fiscal needs of every tax-paying citizen ahead of backroom
deals and wink-wink do-overs. We know he is strong, sharp and savvy. Let's see
if he is also faster than AB-50's ghost runner on third base.

If you have been waiting for the "right moment" to take action, this is your
last chance.

If you have fought tirelessly to defend your rights in California, it's
gut-check time.

Please contact the office of Governor Schwarzenegger by email, fax or by phone
and urge him NOT TO SIGN AB-50.

For the record:
The Governor announced his "10 Point Plan" for California's economic recovery.
In that plan he states critical elements to be (using his numbers):

Point 2: Freeze spending and launch an audit of the state budget.
Yet the Assembly passed a new budget item (AB-50) which contains a multi-million
dollar "PR campaign" to warn citizens of nonexistent "dangers" that have never

Point 3: Call the Assembly into special session to make further spending cuts
and reduce the budget imbalance.
Cuts are expected to hit the elderly, children, education, highways, prisons and
transit. In spite of this, the Assembly passed a multi-million dollar bill to
outlaw a rifle that has never been used in a crime in the state.

THIS IS IT FOLKS, we are doing all we can but much is up to YOU.

Contact the Governor TODAY and urge him NOT TO SIGN AB-50.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

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