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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/3/2003 10:37:07 AM EST
Looks like this weekend is the Grand opening of the new Cabelas in Hamburg - anyone going?
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 12:38:32 PM EST
I thought of driving up but I'll probably wait. I did notice some pretty good sales happening all this week.
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 1:34:51 PM EST

Just a FYI. Since Cabela's has opened a, "brick & morter", store in PA., anytime you order from their catalog you will now pay the 6% PA. sales tax. Just if anyone is interested.
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 5:02:23 PM EST
I'm thinking of taking a ride up tomorrow... it also looks like there's a small MAAC show elsewhere in Hamburg this weekend, too. While this is the official grand opening, I think the store has actually been open to the public since the 18th...

Link Posted: 10/4/2003 11:12:14 AM EST
Whew - my suggestion would be to stay away from Cabela's for a few weeks... The place was a friggin zoo today. I got there around 10AM and had to park 300-400 yds away. You couldn't even move inside. When I was leaving, the parking lot (even the auxillary parking lot that I got in) looked completely full, and cars were lined up as far as I could see down 61. 78 was backed up until the first Hamburg exit (30).

The place really was amazing though - sort of half store, half exhibit. It was simply huge. The lines were really too long to see any of the "good" stuff, though. Wayne LaPierre was there, signing his new book.

Prices were the same as in their catalog - higher than I'd pay for mailorder, but most stuff was good for retail prices. Nice to see some "evil" guns, even if it was only 5-6 Bushies. Well, I guess they had some "evil" pistols, too... Also had a Ferret .50 upper and a .50 Beawulf upper as well.

Picked up some reloading stuff - price was actually pretty decent for components. Winchester .308 brass was $10/50, which is only about $0.25 more than Midway, with their dealer discount. 168gr SMK's for $16.50/100, which is pretty cheap as well. That was stuff I was looking for, however. It was simply too crowded for much browsing.

All in all, a nice "one stop shop". Just about everything is available for cheaper online, but not from one place. If you need a little bit of everything, worth taking a trip there. Actually, if you're decently close by, worth taking a trip just to check it out, once the crowds die down a bit.

Link Posted: 10/4/2003 3:03:29 PM EST
Thanks for the review Rocko . I was actually thinking of going up tomorrow (sunday) but I'll wait and go shooting instead. Maybe a week day would be a good time to check that place out. With Cristmas coming up I'm sure the weekends there will be much the same as they were Saturday.
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 6:34:52 PM EST
Rocko, did they have a large selection of firearms?

How long of a drive from Phila airport area?
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 5:07:26 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/7/2003 5:08:15 AM EST by rocko]
Yeah, they had a decent selection of firearms, from what I could see. Large quantity, certainly, although they had multiples of the same gun on display. That was probably one of the more crowded areas, and I was pretty sick of the crowd by the time I got to that area, so I honestly didn't spend much time there.

Most of the long guns were geared towards hunting, but there were 5-6 AR's and some HD type shotguns there. Pistols - saw S&W's, Rugers, Colts, Kimbers, SIG's, H&K's, even a lonely desert eagle.

They also had what they called the "firearms" library, which was set up museum-style, although most of what was there appeared to just be high-dollar stuff for sale (fancy over-under SG's with gold inlay, etc) and overpriced C&R stuff. The overpriced part seemed pretty consistent in regards to the firearms, from what I saw, although it was hard to get close enough to read the small tags. Not too much more than what your typical small gunshop may list, perhaps, but you probably can't haggle there.

They also had two ~25ft two-tiered, double sided racks that were full with used long guns. These were out on the floor where you could handle them, though they all had trigger locks, of course.

Probably 1.5-1.75 hours from the philly airport, depending how fast you like to drive.

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