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Posted: 10/24/2004 8:46:10 PM EDT
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Rant on:
I don't think most of the people take these CLEO sing off problems serious. What if you were forced to get your local CLEO's blessing everytime you wanted to buy a new semi AR, AK, ect? Is this probable? Probably not, but it is possible. If the Dems. take office then we are all in trouble. Can you think of a better way to limit ownership of so-called evil assault weapons than requireing a CLEO sign off? As I've stated in the past the CLEO isn't approving you for anything. He's only stating that he knows of no local matters that would/should prohibit you from owning a gun. Why in the hell should he have this power if he's not going to use? If there's a good reason why the Sheriff doesn't think you or I should own a certain weapon then he should speak up. This bullshit policy of not signing unless he's your friend, neighbor, ect needs to be changed.

How can we do this? Are there any good lawyers here? Conway has been sued in the past based on his signing policy and I don't think anything ever came of it. How can we introduce a new law similar to TN's must sign law? Nobody knows what the future will bring. This law could be a big help to any and all gun owners in the future.
Rant off:

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Link Posted: 10/25/2004 4:00:19 AM EDT
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Are you registered to vote? Did you call and talk to your candidates for sheriff about issues of concern to you?

Did you contribute $ to the candidate that supports your views?

Have you already voted?

There are things you can do to change the status quo.
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Link Posted: 10/25/2004 10:35:03 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BookHound:
The majority of shooters, including folks on this site, are apathetic to CLEO sign-off for NFA/Class III stuff because they don't shoot/own those types of toys. Part of the reason is probably cost of the toys. Also, many people are probably ignorant of the purchase process and are even somewhat intimidated by it.

What is this CLEO sign-off of which you speak? You mean I can legally own a suppressor? Don’t I have to have some Class III license? Sadly, until people are interested in owning these items and understand they can own them, they’ll continue to be apathetic towards CLEOs not wanting to sign.

It’s really no different than the shotgun shooters in Australia who didn’t give a crap the government was confiscating “assault weapons.” They were apathetic because it did not directly affect them (or so they thought). They didn’t start bitching and moaning until the government came for their shotguns.

How's that old saying? "First they came for the Jews but I did not do anything because I was not a Jew, then they came for the Negroes and I did not do anything because I was not a Negro, then they came for the Gypsies and, again, I did not do anything because I was not a Gypsy, then they came for the homossexuals and I did not do anything because I was not homossexual. When they finally came for me there was nobody left to speak for me."

Anyways... I thought that for suppressors we could simply pay that stamp and send the form directly to the ATF without any signature. Did it change?

Link Posted: 10/25/2004 10:57:45 PM EDT
I do vote and we shouldn't be forced to form a LLC.

Rossi, I think you are right on target. This CLEO bullshit is just that to most people in here because for one reason or another they feel that will never own a NFA item. I think it's pure appathy for the most part and I've been guilty of it reguarding certain subject for most of my adult life. We all have families, jobs ect and must choose our battles wisely. I really don't know if this is a wise battle to fight, but it can be won. I have most all of the NFA toys I'll ever want, but I am looking for a HK sear and it looks as if the seller and myself have agreed on the terms. I'm willing to help you guys that are considering multiple NFA items in this fight, but I see little to no interest. What do you guys consider the apex of AR ownership? In my book it's the select fire M-16 in any one the many possible cofigurations.

I, for one think the greatest majority of the Sheriff's in this state would welcome a must sign law. We must remember that they are no more than an elected politician in most cases. If we were in thier shoes would we sign? That's a hard call since if he signs and you screw up with the weapon or you are brought up and serious charges his name will be all over the place. Sheriff XYZ signed for this M-16 and we all want to know why. On the other hand if there was a must sign law then he would have no choice unless he knew of a valid reason why he shouldn't sign. If you got in trouble after the ATF approved you nobody could come back on the Sheriff for ANY reason. He was forced to sign and the ATF approved the transfer. He's more or less absolved of any responsibility if he's forced to sign due to state law.

Supressors require a CLEO sing off the same as a machine gun....

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