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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/20/2003 8:22:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/21/2003 8:09:52 AM EST by Bravo5-2]
My wife and I both applied on 09-June.. came home today and both permits were in our mail!

Our Sheriff will be getting our votes in the next election.


(edit to add: Olmsted County)
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 4:12:15 AM EST
What county?
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:47:57 PM EST
Damn......I put mine in on the 28th, and the Ramsey county Sheriff is still twiddling his thumbs...........
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:51:06 PM EST
11 days to process?!?! Wow! That is how it should be everywhere as long as we have to 'apply' to carry. I would send a thank you to the sheriff.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 7:11:08 PM EST
that is outstanding!
We're waiting 30 to 90 days around here!

Link Posted: 6/22/2003 11:22:46 AM EST

This is EXACTLY what pisses me off! I can't believe how some of the rural sheriffs can send them out that quickly, yet here in Hennepin county I sit and wait. I applied on May 28th and here I sit wondering IF I'll ever see a permit, or even hear back from them. Incredible how even the sheriffs department has a political agenda to shove in our face! What did I learn from this? I know that I will do what I can to make sure a different sheriff gets elected next time around. The people have spoken, but we still run into communists who want things done THEIR way.

Brooklyn Park, MN
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 2:01:19 PM EST
Damn bravo why do you have to come on these boards bragging. Neutom I think your getting a little pissy early, I also live in mpls and I'm sure they wont mail until the ink dries very well, as you know they don't want any smearing. seriously I don't thing waiting the full 30 days is a big deal, as I've waited this long I can wait a few more days. about the signs I'm as pissy about them as you I'm just going to try to do you my business elsewhere and pack were I please except work( I don't think crawling in 110 degree attics or swinging off Laters is the best thing with a firearm)
Link Posted: 6/23/2003 8:26:51 PM EST
no bragging intended.. just want to let everyone know there are some good elected LEO's.. We are making certain that everyone we know in this county (CCW applied or not), gets our $.02 to keep this Sheriff in office!... and Yes, he's been Thanked by many of us. Of equal importance, he's both an excellent person and elected official.
(Wife and I both voted for him last election)

Good Luck to All.. Hope your process time improves.
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