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Posted: 10/25/2004 6:05:56 PM EDT
So I have an Eagle Arms AR-15 stripped lower on order from the local FFL. When it comes in I'll have to go do the paperwork for it. Since I'll have to fill out the same paperwork as a pistol and I think its automatically registered as an assult weapon, does this mean I can use that lower to make both pistols and rifles? Can I drop a stock and a pistol barrel on it or is that beyond whats legal?

Also, I've waited 2 weeks already, will I have to wait another week after I fill out the paperwork?

Link Posted: 10/26/2004 5:08:52 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/26/2004 5:09:40 AM EDT by mjohn3006]
If you have not filled out the paperwork and had it go through with the serial number on it, then you will have to wait another week after the paperwork is put through.

As for the pistol question, I have no clue.

Link Posted: 10/26/2004 8:22:18 AM EDT
You cannot make it a pistol. All new handguns must be on the 'approved handgun roster' - which the AR15 is not on.

The paperwork you are reffering to is the 'controlled weapon' paperwork, yes it's used for handguns, but it's also used for some other weapons (like AR lowers).

All NFA rules still apply.
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