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Posted: 9/18/2005 11:39:18 AM EDT
Well, a month's gone by, and it was high time for another ARFCOM gathering in SoCal. Following the wild success of our August shoot, anticipation had grown over the weeks to a fever pitch.

This month's shoot was located at the secluded Tac1a and Tac1b ranges:

People brought a modest collection of their armories, but it still added up to a traffic jam at the rack:

Veteran shooters Meateater and BangBangBoogie, oddly absent at last months shoot, make an appearance in the burning sun:

However, it was nothing compared to the burning Meateater would feel later on.

Myself, Duffy, and Blackgun shooting the breeze in the parking lot:

Apparently I said something wrong, since Blackgun went for my gun:

Duffy, afraid that his shiny black Benz would get plugged in the ensuing firefight, calmed things down before the lead started flying.

GNMN, fresh from finishing his FAL build, sights in with Walmart-Special's help:

This month's shoot saw the debut of a few new faces. 4xy2xxs' son having his initiation into the group:

RapidFire, just about to take down a rabid phone book:

BBB shows us how it's done with a shotgun:

4xy2xxs' small, emergency backup son, on hiatus from BC for several months, was back in full force, taking down defenseless clay pigeons with his more-thrust-per-squeeze-assault-sniper-rifle:

DrFriDge, proud new owner of a CMP Garand, takes aim:

I guess maybe the .30-06 might have been too much for the old guy.....

In addition to her kids, 4xys2xxs herself actually showed up, after months of last minute excuses and a bum leg. She brought what any woman ought to bring: SAMMICHES!

That brought just about everyone coming round to the table, including the local wildlife:

The swarm caused us to move the picnic table several times, during which my infamous Mac & Cheese took a dive to the deck.


Grumpy old men:

Grumpier older men:

The Burro Canyon shoots, now reaching it's first anniversary, are not without its traditions; the food, the suppressive fire drills, and of course, the casualties. Previous months have seen staple gun NDs, collapseable awning accidents, and jacket fragment riccochets. This month was no different.

Our very own Meateater, seeking refuge from the burning rays of the sun, sat down on the dusty ground beneath a tree. While the coolness of the shade brought welcome relief, a very real, and very terrifying enemy crept inexorably towards him. Their infiltration went completely unnoticed. Meateater chatted and laughed with the rest of the crew, completely oblivious to the impending attack. He stood up, perhaps feeling a slight itch, but shrugged it off and walked around.

Then, the enemy struck.

The itch turned to a burning sensation, which turned into an inferno. The crew saw the Jedi Master begin to sweat, but thought nothing of it. The first sign of something amiss happened soon enough. Meateater turned around, and proceeded, to what seemed to the rest of the group, to wiggle his ass, much to the dismay of the man closest to said ass.

Details go fuzzy at this point, since I was too busy laughing my ass off. Jokes about "burns when you pee" and "two ants manage to cover the entire area?", as well as ice cream and perhaps an alcohol wipe were thrown around.

Meateater graciously donned gloves before wanting to shake our hands upon his departure, since none of us wanted to touch those hands, knowing full well where they'd been.

This month's shoot, as usual, was a success. Of course, these aren't the only photographs. Plenty more still lie in my Photobucket account, in an album named "Burro 9-17." As soon as appearance-infatuated 4xys2xxs tells me which photos of her to let others see and which to pull and destroy, I'll leave you with the password to view them.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 11:49:48 AM EDT
Why, I look only slightly order than you youngsters
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:48:09 PM EDT
The rest of the photos are here:


The password is, of course "fireants"
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 3:34:36 PM EDT
mall ninja,
your post is so eloquent. nice to know all that money you're spending on your education is going to post on arfcom....
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 10:25:01 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Mall-Ninja:
The password is, of course "fireants"

Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:11:31 PM EDT
This is the grumpy old man, and he's grumpy because you guys picked the only Sunday OR Satrday in the month he can't make it. (Son will be home from Korea on leave to be best man at a wedding that day.)

Those grumpy guys earlier aren't old, they just fuss like it.
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