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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/13/2005 3:10:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/13/2005 6:17:47 PM EST by AK_Mike]
So I got in my "Big Prize" from the member giveaway. It's a set of AR furniture from Cav Arms. Turns out the set (at least mine) is their (or was their) A1 Stock, Carbine Handguards, and Ergo Grip in Bright Blue. While I am grateful, it's not exactly my cup of tea - I tend to use telestocks on carbines and I don't know if I even have a build that I could devote this set to. Call it Arctic Blue.

Is there anyone local that might be interested in buying the set or know someone who is or someone who is in (real) need of a donation somewhere?

I'd thought I'd ask before I put them up for general sale. I see there is someone buying such sets in the EE but I wan't to go local first.
Link Posted: 12/13/2005 3:20:26 PM EST
me I'm building a flat top
Link Posted: 12/13/2005 4:26:47 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/13/2005 6:19:07 PM EST by AK_Mike]
Here is what the blue looks like, remember it's not the telestock or lower receiver full stock, just the full stock, carbine handguards, grip.

Pretty bright, eh?
Link Posted: 12/13/2005 5:26:39 PM EST
yeah LOL I like it
Link Posted: 12/13/2005 9:38:09 PM EST
I'm broke right now , but I would build it up .
Link Posted: 12/13/2005 10:13:42 PM EST
I know how you feel...

Looks like Sig40fan will build one up. Just waiting on one other at the moment.

Link Posted: 12/14/2005 3:04:48 PM EST
If you find one in Zebra, I'm your man (laffin)....sorry but that looks silly as a sack of football bats.
Link Posted: 12/14/2005 7:44:30 PM EST
There are some novel builds out there like an all Red with "Milwaukee" painted on the side and an all yellow one to which the owner affixed a DeWalt label.

I got the yellow set recently because I wanted to make a camp safety rifle that would be more easily seen in case of bear - I was going to carve out the handguards and go with a bigger caliber like .458 Socom or .50 Beowulf. Suprisingly, the yellow was not as bright as I thought and I really wanted safety blaze orange but they didn't make an orange.
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 7:30:18 AM EST
They just don't look mean when they are not black. I think Ms. Klinton will be adding black to the list along with bayonet lug, pistol grip, high cap mags, etc...
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 7:42:22 AM EST
What none of these look mean?
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 1:47:39 AM EST
I like that blue, but alas, my kids are way to young for me to be building up guns for them....

IF you still have them in like 4-6 years, I'll hit you up :)

How is that ergo grip anyway? I want to replace my stock grip, but I would hate to keep spending $20 + at a time till I found the right grip..
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 2:19:09 AM EST
Best thing to do is go to a store and try each grip in your hand as what feels good and proper size will vary among peoples. The Ergo grip is pretty comfortable to me, it's more oval, good for smaller hands - thinner but also longer from back to front. I used to prefer them but switched to Hogues as I like the overmolding (though the Ergo Rhino overmolded is good). Then the Magpul grip is user configurable.

You are going to have to try them to really know.
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 6:45:49 AM EST
blaze orange would be cool.
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 8:35:56 AM EST
I was going to free-float my carbine, but that blue furniture is tempting. Hey Mike what does a set like that run anyways?
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 2:05:06 AM EST
Well, they are getting rare since Cav Arm's stopped making them. Ameetec Arms still has some stock left, their link is up above on the right side of the company link bar. The A1 Stock is $60 (with buffer tube, spring, and buffer), the Telestock $95 (with buffer tube, receiver plate, buffer and spring), Carbine Handguards $35, and the grips $22. I didn't see rifle length handguards.
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 9:11:16 AM EST

Originally Posted By Kodiak-AK:
What none of these look mean?

I'll take my tongue out of my cheek long enough to say "Yes Sir, those resemble MEAN".
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