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Posted: 1/29/2006 7:29:06 PM EST
Report card?

See them at shows and have done a small amount of business with them - anybody have any thoughts? I need some more parts like LPKs etc and I'm curious about the parts kits and the packeging etc....

Link Posted: 1/31/2006 6:40:26 AM EST
I think alot of their stuff is Olympic. I know they were selling Doublestar lowers at the show in Greensboro.

I have had bad luck with them in the fact they could not tell me where their stuff came from. And their prices are much higher than you can get here on the EE even with shipping costs factored in. I was looking for a YHM gas block folding front site. They wanted $99. Can almost buy 2 from Eagle for that.

I asked questions about their LPK's, and I got a "deer in the headlights" look from them. If you are going to sell something, at least know what it is....

I had to wait to talk to the guy at the Polish AK kits table, and got to watch several people buying from Black Rifle works. They were right across the asile. I think most of their business was from people who don't know much about AR's.
Link Posted: 1/31/2006 6:58:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/31/2006 9:46:07 AM EST

Originally Posted By u352:
Most of the guys that know their rifles probably go to Red.

Roger that
Link Posted: 1/31/2006 5:06:35 PM EST
I have bought from Dave before and he is the one in the know at his table. The other guys he has had working with him might be a different case but Dave has been into the AR since I first met him back in 93'. From what I saw at the last Raleigh show I went to he had DPMS LPK's and a couple of Colt LPK but he said Colts were starting to dry up. Red used to work with Dave at his table when Bob Strickland co-owned BRW. I only go to shows now to check prices and pick up an occasional part when needed but Dave has never steered me wrong on anything.
Link Posted: 1/31/2006 6:42:52 PM EST
One more vote for calling Red from me!

Call Red, he is a good guy, honest and to the point. The first time I met him was at an arfcom get together. He brought a ton of stuff and was unselfish in letting anyone shoot or pickup some of his toys. He did some work for me, and didn't charge me for most of his labor. If it is Ar related, and you are local, give him a call. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend him to anyone. You should call him for any precision rifle needs or service.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 6:14:29 AM EST
If I'm not mistaken Red use to work for/with Black Rifle. The thing about Red is that he can get most anything and do most any kind of work on your AR, bolt, etc. Nothing against Black Rifle but I preferred BM, RRA, etc.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 12:10:11 AM EST
Actually Bob and Dave got into the AR business about 1993/4 and established "Dave`s Guns" I work with Dave at GE and we got together about 1995 as I was just getting back into the AR platform, ( I was an armorer my last year in service ) when the AWB came down on us hard. About 1995/6 Bob stepped out of the business and myself and Dave formed "Reds Guns" later to become "Black Rifle Works" I was the "Owner of Record" on all official documents I dealt with all official ATF and tax documents and Dave handled Inventory and bank accounts we were equal partners at least on paper anyway. I changed the name shortly after the formation of the business because I wanted something to reflect what we were about hence the name "Black Rifle Works" .
On or about Jan 2000 I got lung cancer and was not able to keep up the pace in the business and elected to stop doing the shows and let Dave keep the name and location at the shows as these locations were established by Bob and Dave prior to me coming to the original business "Dave`s Guns".
I was not sure if I would live another year much less another 6 but here I am. I had many requests from customers to get back into the business I was still doing BRW warranty work anyway for what ever the reason many in the AR community were not satisfied with the level of work being done on the AR platform locally this was as much my fault as anyones I like most in the business was more concerned with quantity than quality but I wanted this to change in a big way so "X Ring Precision Rifles" was created by myself to produce the highest level of quality in an AR platform that was humanly possible. I also branched off into the Savage and Glock arena as well i also started doing the "Up Gunned" AR 10 platforms as well to broaden the list of products available in my shop.
Dave is family to me and a close friend for many years and spent many nights beside my bed in the hospital so you won`t see me saying anything negetive about Dave or BRW here or anywhere else.
But there are some distinct differences in our businesses, I am a shooter Nothing I build leaves my shop that I dont shoot and certify that it will do exactly what I say I am also a factory and Military certified armorer on the AR and Glock platforms (Savage has no certification process) no other shop in eastern NC can say this that I know of if there is let me know. I have been working the AR platform since 1986 with the exception of about a 5 year lapse. I shoot 3 gun IDPA and high power so I test what I shoot. I do sell parts and accesories now for the AR and savage platforms and am adding inventory every day I do buy parts from Dave as does he from me I am the DPMS supplier of record in the Raleigh area Dave has the J&T account I am also the Cav Arms and IOR supplier of record for NC. I am an advisor to the NCHP on all aspects of there AR platforms and do most of there heavy repairs and mods till there Armorers get up to speed. I have built and worked on guns for various state and Federal agensies and have Rifles being used in the "Sand Box" now
I know this is long and I am not trying to advertise here but I feel it is important that everyone here know and understand the history and relationship of the 2 companies listed in the original post Black Rifle Works and X Ring Precision Rifles. We have many long time clients who still "Share" business with both companies we just service the AR community in Different ways.
Also the person with the Polish AK kits was most likley Scott Gullidge he started with Dave shortly after our 2 businesses seperated he is one of the top AK parts suppliers in the US and is an honest guy through and through he runs DPH arms now and also works with us at GE as do most of Daves current crop of employees
I hope this little local AR history lesson helps.

Link Posted: 2/2/2006 1:12:43 AM EST
That's a great read. Thanks for providing us all some quality service.

Link Posted: 2/6/2006 3:18:48 AM EST
I've built two guns from BRW and gotten service and parts done frequently. Dave has never steered myself or my friends wrong with his products, and gets a thumbs up.

Link Posted: 2/14/2006 4:48:48 PM EST

I appreciate the insight as to why you and Dave parted ways. You and I have talked a few times at several shows in the past when it was in Raleigh and I would be more than happy to do business with you as well. As a matter of fact I am looking for another built lower right now. I tend to stay clear of Olympic and DPMS due to bad experiences with them in the past but the last time I talked to you in Raleigh you had some LMT's on the table. I have heard good things about them so I might be giving you a call soon. I still have your card in wallet. Just have to pay off X-mas first.
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