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9/17/2020 5:59:48 PM
Posted: 8/12/2011 5:13:20 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/28/2011 5:40:52 AM EDT by Artifex]
Hi all... I've put together a 1-day basic AR-15 class I call "Black Rifle 101."    This class is a one-day primer on the AR-15 and its variants.  Some of the topics covered include: History & Design of the AR-15, Laws and Regulations, Safe Operation and Handling, Disassembly and Cleaning, Ammunition Selection, Basic Marksmanship, Malfunction Clearance, Options and Accessories and basic defensive applications.

This is not a course most Arfcommer's probably need, but if you have friends or family members (for example) who you would like to have safe, professional instruction in AR use, this is the class.  

As for my background,  I am an NRA certified instructor, and a Certified AR armorer with over 20-years of experience on the AR platform including competitive and "tactical" training.  I don't bill myself as an "operator,"  just someone with particular knowledge of marksmanship and the AR platform as well as a professional safety instructor.   My classes are a safety-first environment with all the information presented based in real-world, logical applications.  You will not have skyrockets fired at you or be required to do the Spetznaz flying reverse hatchet throw, I will not regail you with tales of my days as a space shuttle door gunner or give you advice about what to do when the zombies attack.  

If you are looking for a class on tactical shooting,  this is probably not it.  If you would like to know the nitty-gritty on getting the most out of your AR, picking the right ammo, dealing with malfunctions, proper field-stripping and cleaning on the other hand, please give my class some consideration.  

Course cost is $150 (but I will give a $25 discount to fellow arfcommers) which includes lunch and the use of a rifle/ammo if you don't have one yet.  

The next class date is Saturday, August 27th 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Link Posted: 8/12/2011 5:34:38 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/12/2011 7:42:12 AM EDT by greyguy]
Where do you hold the class, and do you have a web-site to advertise other classes?

I would probably be interested (and know of a few others who may be too) but I have a lot of weekend work this time of year.  I most likely won't be able to attend this one. I've done an armorer's course (Defensive Edge) but I love taking classes and your pricing is in my range.

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Link Posted: 8/12/2011 5:39:39 AM EDT
The classes are held at my range in Swanton, Ohio a few miles from the Toledo Express Airport.   You can find more information on my website at: http://www.artifex.ws/arms

Link Posted: 8/12/2011 7:44:12 AM EDT
Thanks, I'll check your site out when I get home tonight.

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