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Posted: 12/29/2003 6:51:21 AM EDT
Anyone know anything about this club?  I've heard they have some membership slots opening up next month and am considering trying to join.  $75/year and less than 20 minutes from my house seems too good to pass up.  

Only problem is I seem to recall hearing some less than positive comments about the facility and/or ownership on this board, but can't find any related posts.  Any info would be appreciated.  

Link Posted: 12/29/2003 2:34:20 PM EDT
I've belonged to Blackcreek for a number of years.

The owner/operator of the range has two primary objectives SAFETY and KEEPING THE RANGE OPEN. The owner/operator is very concerned with safety and will let you know in no uncertain terms if you have messed up and you may not take his comments as being polite.

As a member you are expected to make sure that you follow the range rules and that other shooters are adhering to the rules as well. A copy of the rules are available when you get your membership.

Rapid fire is somewhat frowned upon - rifle more so than pistol. If you are rapid firing expect that range personnel will come to check the range. The most stringently enforced rule is that all targets must be placed on the backers and ALL shots must go through the backers. No targets to be above the backers! If you are missing the target/backer you will be advised of the danger you are creating for other members and neighbors due to errant shots. However, if you are proficient and have your shots under control not too much of an issue.

So why is this climate important other than the obvious reasons? Over the years suburban sprawl continues in the Richmond metro area. New developments are now apparently in earshot of the range meaning more pressure on the range. The range has been established in the area for at least a dedcade and the housing developments came well after the range was established. Whether it is right or wrong the range now has to contend with this new issue.

The range is very well known for 22 benchrest shooters. This is a 50 yard event.

As with any group not everyone gets along, sometimes the 22 bench rest shooters don't particuarly like the guys with military arms coming down. However, a coexistance does exist between the groups. If you're going to shoot semi-auto try to get to an area where your brass isn't flying onto them. This is not too hard since the 50 yard line has a quite a few benches available.

BTW the first range you come across going down the driveway is a range built for the 22 bench reat events. It also has a trap house available there. No centerfires can be used on this range.

The 100 yard range has 5 effective shooting benches and can be quite crowded. The view from the bench on the far right is obstructed by over growth and makes it unuseable. Crowding is definitely an issue when it hunting season rolls around. The owner practices good hunting ethics and allows hunters to sight-in their rifles even if they do not have a membership. They pay a guest feee for the day.

There is another 50 yard range where centerfires can be used and it has maybe 20 positions.

There is a 25 yard range where you can sight in centerfires and for pistol shooting.

There is a variable distance range for PISTOLS ONLY ranging from 7 yards to 15 yards approximately. This is the newest range and is nice, but the shooting position will take some getting use to. I was there yesterday and noticed someone had shot through the top barrier 7 times - they must have been blind! Glad I wasn't around when that person was shooting.

There is also a blackpowder and competition range between the 100 yard and 22 benchrest/trap range - generally not used unless you are participating in an event.

Other things to know about the range.
1) In addition to the membership, you must be a current NRA member.
2) Various matches take place at Blackcreek and a schedule is mailed out to the membership with the dates that certain ranges will be closed for those specific events. Make sure you check this before you go or you could be disappointed when you get there.
3) You can shoot full-auto there if you have the documented paperwork to show that your rig is in compliance. No full-auto is allowed on Sunday as a courtesy to the neighbors of the range. I know full auto on Saturday is OK, but I cannot remmeber about M-F.
4) Range open sunrise to sunset except on Sunday the range does not open until 1pm as a courtesy to the neighbors.
5) The owner does build some guns, 1000 yard rifle gums and others.
6) Wiseguys that bring steel core to the range and shoot the metal framework, thus detroying the range, are not especially liked.

Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 12/29/2003 4:00:28 PM EDT
Wow, thanks for the detailed answer. Sounds like a decent place, and it's much closer to my house than any other outdoor range that I'm aware of.  I don't normally do much rapid fire with my rifles, although I do occasionally like to rip two or three shots off.  I usually shoot at 50 yards with my semi auto rifles (my eyes aren't good enough for much more than that with open sights).  I save the 100 yard stuff for my scoped deer rifle.

Is there a guest policy other than the hunting season one you mentioned?  I've got a couple of friends that don't shoot regularly enough to join but who enjoy going every once in a while.  I also plan on introducing my son to shooting in a few years, and this sounds like a good safe environment for that.

Thanks again for all the info.
Link Posted: 12/29/2003 4:48:30 PM EDT
I shoot an IPSC match there 5 or 6 times a year. They have always been well run and a pleasure to shoot.

If I lived closer I would join.
Link Posted: 12/29/2003 10:27:14 PM EDT

I'm going on my 2nd year at Black Creek and haven't had any problems so far, just follow the rules.

The guest fee is $3.00 a day per person and members can have their wife and or young children as associate members for $10.00 a year.
Link Posted: 12/30/2003 12:13:37 PM EDT
Dan01 is correct with the guest fees $3.00 per guest per day and they have to sign a liability waiver which will be kept on file for the year.

This year a weekday only membership is available for $60 I think. This may intrest some people reading the thread.

Just thought of another thing as well, targets are available in the shop. The NRA 25 yard slow/rapid fire targets are a bargin at 30 cents each, other target types are available as well. You are welcome to bring your own targets - no requirement to buy theirs. No target stands can be used other than what the range provides.

Staplers are available from the shop to use while there if you do not carry your own and I think ear muffs are available to use for free too.
Link Posted: 12/30/2003 3:59:54 PM EDT
That sounds great.  Thanks again for the good info.  I'll probably be heading out there later this week with some money.  Hope to see you out there some time.

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