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Posted: 9/12/2004 6:22:05 PM EDT
I just saw the assistant chief of police on Fox News at 9 here in Austin. This sorry excuse for a black clad gestapo officer was lamenting the end of the so called AWB. With people like him on our police force I can see even more the need for us to own Homeland Defense rifles.

What an ASSHAT.

Link Posted: 9/12/2004 6:45:58 PM EDT
We have a similar chief here in a suburb of Minneapolis here in Minnesota. When I read the statements he was making about the AWB it was clear that he thinks that we will now be able to buy fully automatic weapons. Yes he is that ignorant. Don't underestimate how ignorant some of these people are. Just because they are in law enforcement dosn't mean they know anything about firearms. Especially the people at the top, they are typically the most ignorant. It is also important to understand that they are just puppets for the Mayors opinion in most cases too. They will do or say anything to keep their jobs. Sad, but thats what we are up against. It would be interesting to educate them so they would understand what they were talking about but they are so arrogant that they will not listen. To them we are stupid subjects that need to be controlled. They don't understand the concept of being a public servant.
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 11:33:03 PM EDT
Ah, but they DO understand the concept of being a politician, hence their making Chief. If they said they supported the AWB sunsetting, they'd be run out of town on a rail by the ignorant masses who get their news from TV. Let them keep saying they were against this happening, then explain why they didn't do enough to prevent it. hehe
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