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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/6/2006 4:10:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/6/2006 4:33:44 PM EST by scottMO]
For those interested in getting better at pistol shooting. Tri-County Gun Club in Bonner Springs KS has a Monthly Outdoor pistol match (april 22) w/multiple COF's. They usually run 3 diff COF's, w/ one all/mostly bowling pins, one COF w/all steel, and one COF as paper targets w/"hostages". All 3 are shoot/move/reload scenarios. It's all in fun and they have homemade, (but nice) trophies too. No special guns or holsters are needed and there are plenty of Fobus style holsters out there. They run an open class(any optics or comps), stock (any mods are allowed except optics/comps) and a revolver class too. You can shoot the COF either low speed (ie, walking, shooting) or high speed (running to the next shooting station), and for those of you, like me, who like to spray and pray, there are no deductions for "extra rounds". Heck I paid my money , I'm not bringing any ammo home. :)

If you are fairly new to shooting, that's ok too. As long as you can draw/holster a pistol, and reload in a safe manner, you are good to go. It will be as fast or slow as you want to make it. This is a fun envirnment w/ normally no more than 30 shooters at the most. There are plenty of shooters like myself who are past their prime, a little pudgy around the middle, w/ bad knees/eyes (and bad haircuts too), who just like getting out of their local indoor gun range that has: stationary targets, no drawing from holsters, and only allow 1 shot every 3 seconds.

cost: 20.00 for 1 gun, 24.00 for 2 guns (or the same gun twice, etc). plan on 100-150rds per gun.

We are normally full w/ 4 people and gear, but if we get enough/anybody interested, we can plan on a meeting location to arrange carpools, follow us, etc as it's approx 45 min/1hr from Lees Summit.

They also have a 3 gun match in Sept. It is rifle, pistol and shotgun. and a NRA match in May.

The website is www.1911a1.com but there's not much listed except the dates and the recent match scores.

Link Posted: 4/6/2006 4:46:42 PM EST
Sweet, I'm gonna try to make it.
Link Posted: 4/6/2006 6:31:52 PM EST

I should be able to make this one. I will need to check with NJ and Duke.

What are the typical distance to the targets and about how many mags will we need?

We can make travel arrangements the week before the shoot.
Link Posted: 4/6/2006 7:09:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/6/2006 7:31:53 PM EST by scottMO]

The longest shot is usually 20 yards or so, with the average prob closer to 15yds.

I personally carry 5 mags/85rds. 1 in the gun and 4 more. If you shoot the COF clean, it is no more than 25 rds. I usually time my reload so that I only use 2 mags per COF (17rds/mag). With the manditory reload and accounting for any unplanned mag/gun problems, I like to have at least 3, but I just carry more cause I use 2 of the Fobus double mag holders.

I've seen several guys just pocket carry a 3rd or 4th "back up mag" just in case. One guy carries 2 mags in his back pocket. I even seen a shooter run out of mags and a non shooter has handed him another mag. Now if that shooter was still in the top 3 someone might cry foul, but since the shooter already emptied 3 or 4 mags and still had targets to engage, he's prob out of the running for the top 3, or was never a contender anyway. It's a pretty laid back envirnment. We've been known to purposely pop a joke or 2 as a veteran shooter is walking up to start his run, etc.

The COF usually run:

Steel-- 23-25 steel targets. figure carrying 2x that??
Pins- usually 9 bowling pins or a steel plate rack instead. If pin shooting, bring everything you have cause bowling pins are the DEVIL!!!
Paper- usually 10-12 paper targets. Your BEST 2 hits on each target count, so figure 24 rds+. IF I see that I had a bad shot or if I'm unsure of where I hit, I'll usually put a 3rd round on that target.

Scoring: Steel and pins/plate are just straight time (how long it takes you to engage/knockdown all of the targets for that COF). You wont often see a lot of time differences in these COF's. The paper COF is your time + your accuracy and tends to separate the shooters. You need 2 "A ring" hits on each target. The A ring" is prob 1/2 to 3/4's of an average sized torso (not mine). The B, C zones/rings, and hostages add extra time. Say I had 4rds on a target and they are AACC, my 2 best are AA, so then that target is +0 seconds. If I have 3 rds on the next target and my best 2 are an A and a C, the A adds zero time but the C adds +2 seconds and so on. Some guys put 3 rds on each paper target. It might take them an extra 6-8 seconds overall but it increases the chances for 2 or more A's (no added time).

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