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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/3/2006 1:26:36 PM EST
I can't afford very much... Barely have a 'job' for that matter, so I guess I'm probably digging for the proverbial needle in a haystack, but I need to get out of where I am and find my own place soon, so I figured I'd ask here....

Realistically, I'm probably not going to find anything 'cheap' here, but maybe someone knows someone, etc. who has a small place to rent, that I can afford. If it had a little safe storage for my tools and crap, that'd be a huge plus.

Haven't been here long, a little less than four months, so I don't know much of anything about the area, and what's out there, as far as prices, locations, etc. I just know I need out of my current situation.

I'm having a hard time with all the medical bullshit I'm dealing with, and I'm only working part-time for a fellow arfcommer, (if he hasn't canned me yet... I gotta go and get sick the first damn week there ) so quite honestly, I can't afford a whole lot. I'm pretty poor now... I know that's going to limit me severely, but I've got to try... I have a hard enough time with my shitty health, I need to find some place that isn't going to make it harder to get my life back on track, where I can sleep when I need to if I feel like crap, and all that... I'm trying, but I'm having a hard time doing it....

I'm a very quiet, respectful person, and try to be as considerate of others as possible, and would like to find someplace around people who think similarly. I don't have any friends here really, so no partying, blasting music, cars/people coming and going, etc... I don't have any pets either, don't smoke, rarely ever drink because of the meds I'm on . It's just me. Basically, you wont even know when I'm home, and I'll never bother you.... Hell, I won't even have any orgies, and not invite you ! hahaha

If anyone here knows of ANYTHING, I'd really appreciate it if they'd let me know.

IM's are fine, btw, if you'd rather not post here... Totally understandable.


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