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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/10/2003 6:24:09 AM EDT
There is an indoor range in Shelby Twp called Center Mass. Apparently it is private, anyone a member or know what the real skinny on this is?
Link Posted: 7/11/2003 2:20:42 PM EDT

Originally Posted By gordie48001:
There is an indoor range in Shelby Twp called Center Mass. Apparently it is private, anyone a member or know what the real skinny on this is?

Hey Gordie,

My brother and Dad went there to check it out late last year. We even got some range time in. The guy who runs the place (can't remember his name) wanted to put together a shotgun-club quality range for tactical rifles and pistols. It's an **immaculate** range, top flight all the way. Programmable target carriers, SUPER clean (all vented forward of the line so you're not breathing burned gunpowder, and the air they release back to the outdoors is cleaner than the air they take in)... We were awed. However, he only wanted LEOs or truly serious non-LEOs (that have a lot more time to shoot than I unfortunately do)... and the price was quite steep. If you have the money, this place is amazing... But I just couldn't justify being a member for that much money and not being able to shoot with my family (brother didn't have the $$$ at the time and if you bring someone twice, they're kind of leaned on to join).

The guy who runs the show is for-real. And he knows how to sell it: it honestly sells itself ; ) . I've never shot at a place like it before and it'll probably be a while before I get to shoot at a place like it again.

Apparently law enforcement groups train there, including Federal officers. They'll also offer (to members of course) serious tactical training, including a live fire shoot house as well as Simunition type training.


Link Posted: 7/11/2003 3:25:33 PM EDT
Where is Shelby is it at? Thanks.
Link Posted: 7/11/2003 6:27:54 PM EDT
On 23 mile west of Schenoher (or how ever you spell it) North side of 23 in an industrial park in an unmarked factory/office looking building. There is no name on it, just an address.

I remember reading about it here and told a buddy. he went and found it day before yesterday and was unable to tell me all the details before he had to go to a meeting but from what I gather it is $600 a year dues and $15 an hour for range time. You are allowed to bring a guest only 3 times during the year. When my buddy went in he said most guys were Feds or ATF or something and they like their subguns, they were all shooting MP5's (full auto of course) The guy at the place told my buddy that they are capable of stopping a .50bmg on the range and there is no problem shooting it there. WOW!

I'd love to be a member but $600 for dues and then still having to pay $15 an hour just priced me out. I'll stick to the pit as long as it is open....which may not be for that much longer. I was talking to the Sheriff Deputy when he came to see what all the racket was last sat and he kind of was saying the neighbors are all up in arms (no pun intended) about the mess out there and all the noise. I can't help but feel partly responsible for that since I was shooting my full auto AR15 at Tannerite.....must be loud or something, go figure. The neighbors reported that we were shooing full propane tanks. I wasn't but is illegal or something?? Anyway, he had no problem with the Tannerite but did suggest we lay off it since the local folks were POed and calling them.

After what happened at Bulletfest I think we all need to make sure we keep our rounds in the hill, we don't need to give the state a reason to shut the place down. Tannerite is also a bad idea out there too now.

Sorry for getting off the topic.
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 7:18:52 AM EDT
Yeah, the Feds had just gotten done with the range when we went there; two of the target carriers were out of commission thanks to them! ; P That takes a lot of effort - those carriers were overbuilt and armored!

If it didn't come through in my last post, I was extremely impressed with CMG ; ) It's the same thing you mentioned Gordie; it's too expensive. If money were no object it would be a great club to be a part of though.

Take care,

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