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Posted: 5/11/2004 1:50:16 PM EST
I'm ordering an AK and need to find somewhere to break her in near Marietta.

If you've been there, is it swamped on the weekends?
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 2:15:56 PM EST
I live in Kennesaw and I used to be a member. Until I found Johns Mountain. Advanced Bullets isnt really a great range. The people seem sort of friendly but the benches arent that great and I didnt really see it as worth the money. Johns mountain is a public range and it costs 5 dollars a day. It is unstaffed so everyone has to just watch out for each other. Bring your own targets and have fun. They have 4 or 5 benches and two long countertop areas if you want to shoot standing or just want to use pistols. All the people I have met up there so far have been really friendly and Im glad I started going there instead of Advanced Bullets. To get there just go up 75 until you get to exit 320. Take a left onto highway 136 and just drive straight. You will get to a stop sign and you can either turn left or go right. Make a right and just there on your right is the sign for the range. You drive up a gravel pathway and there are signs to show you where it is.

As far as weekends at Advanced Bullets, I stayed away. I only went on weekdays but one of my friends went on a saturday really early and said it was packed. The same can be said for Johns mountain though. I went a couple weeks ago on a saturday and all the benches were taken. I was only shooting pistols though so I got to shoot without waiting at the other end of the line.

Advanced Bullets has a no rapid fire rule and Johns mountain has posted no full auto fire. Ive seen people dumping mags though so I guess it is only a problem if a ranger is driving by.

There is also Charlie Elliot which is another DNR range. Most of the people in here go to that one and from the pictures it looks like a really nice place to.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 2:36:42 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 4:19:42 PM EST
Ghost-Shooter checking in. We May-rhetta folks do know how to use our PCs ya know JoeWang, you should come out to the CE shoot on the 29th. Its a great bunch of folks. I'm probably driving, so if you need a ride, let me know.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 5:43:53 PM EST
Only if the old man has a shoot scheduled or the Goobys (Good Ole Boys) what to dust off there deer gun.

For some reason the old man will only let you shoot his targets that are already mounted on cardboard. HE DOES NOT LIKE "RAPID FIRE" be it from a rifle or a pistol. He seems really touchy about this. I guess he is trying to appease the PC crowd?? So no personal targets. SLOW fire and the last time I was up there it was 5 bucks an hour.

If you are not that far off, it doesn't seem lake a bad place to shoot. But for me being down here outside of Newnan, ( one hour drive) I only go if I shoot with some one else.

Theres my .02.

Link Posted: 5/11/2004 6:22:51 PM EST
The rapid fire thing came from all of the subdivisions that are popping up around there. One Sunday a month, they hold a real fun sporting clays shoot.

Advanced Bullets loads some damn good rifle ammo. I have killed several deer with their 7mm Rem Mag ammo.

It is a good place to shoot your deer rifle and a really good place to shoot trap, skeet, or sporting clays during the week without having to deal with the morons that you can encounter at a more public range.

The old man coaches the Carroll County 4-H shooting team. If he is willing to teach kids to shoot, I am willing to throw a little business his way.
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