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Posted: 1/9/2005 7:42:07 PM EDT
I heard that Pinal County was testing people out there somewhere.  Not sure where exactly.  As I wasn't there and just heard this from a Friend.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 5:23:46 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/10/2005 8:24:26 AM EDT by prebans]
That was me who stopped in over at AZSTAN to give the heads-up.  I was finishing up a ccw applicant's qual shoot a mile or two down the way and personally witnessed the test.  

A group of 3 cars were parked in a clearing off the road.  One had a trailer with a quad.  Two squad cars (PCSO) were parked by this group.  One officer was administering a test to a male.  This didn't happen near AZSTAN- it was over on state trust land off of that "side" enterance off of the 60-- but it was on the road that took you to and from the AZSTAN trail enterance.  On the way out I saw another PCSO squad parked hidden off to the side- this was near the homes you pass when you leave heading toward the Florence/79 junction.  (Where that damn herd of cows is always blocking the road.)  My guess is that they were just checking folks on state trust land for appropriate licenses and they happened upon a group that overindulged a bit.

Incidentally, I don't know the names of which DMG'ers I met out there but I have to thank them.  My student, Ernie, served as a Marine in Vietnam and carried the BAR for his squad.  He hadn't even seen one (much less held one) since 1964.  He was rattling on and on about the BAR in Vietnam and how he grew to love the gun.  

However, he did make some comment about how it was "a bit heavier than I remembered it..."  

Ernie was very happy to be able to hold a BAR again for the first time in 40 years.  I don't know the name of the owner or anything- it was the guy with the pickup that had that little hut/camper shell who seems to always be there with a peer and a funny grin.  Please pass along a HUGE THANK YOU from me on behalf of Ernie.

Link Posted: 1/10/2005 7:38:01 AM EDT
I think you're talking about Dan, DMG2FUN.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 8:20:04 AM EDT
ya he is a good guy...He helped me out one time coming back from AZSTAN at night with no headlights ...
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