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Posted: 6/5/2008 5:44:00 PM EST
I'm having some issues with verizon (long story short, they've sent a Texas account with a name similar to mine to collections and placed it on my credit report even though i've been a customer since 2001 and still am. They insist i need an identity theft police report+investigation to have removed), so I filed a police report with SnoCo sheriff's office in Mill Creek.

I don't understand why, but they actually need an officer to call their legal compliance line, even though i've mailed them a copy of the report i filed, mortgage statements, utility statements, and my verizon bills for the 3 month period they're trying to bill for from 2006-2007. They've even stated that they've verified it isn't me, but they still need a police report from an officer to remove it.

I'm pretty sure its something that would take 5 minutes of phone and another 5 minutes of an officer's time typing to do, but i'm about 99% positive something like this is the bottom of the list of things they want to do.

I'm pretty sure this isn't identity theft at all, i think this is a royal f'up by Verizon. If i was an identity thief, i'd do more than open up a land line phone account. But i was looking at refinancing my house, and i'm certainly not going to do that with an account in collections showing up on my credit, and i have a feeling that i'm going to be sitting around for several weeks waiting to hear anything from either SnoCo or Verizon.

Anyone else go through this or know any details of the process or how long it takes? Anyone know any officers that i could take to lunch?
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 6:03:33 PM EST
Id suggest getting in touch with an attorney and seeking damages. I had a similar issue with Providence Everett hospital due to their inability to correct a billing error, that I in fact paid and could easily prove. Closest Ive ever come to being on the news under the heading "Office shooting at a downtown collections agency."
My patience for morons fucking with credit or money has run out, I vote get an attorney and make Verizon cut you and the attorney a check. My situation didn't warrant an attorney unfortunately as the judgement was thrown out and the case dismissed in my favor without it effecting my credit.

Summons "servers" are another class of shitbags on my hate list. Serve it? Throw it away? Perjure yourself? Whatever.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 6:12:12 PM EST
that's kinda why i want to talk to the officer, to find out if this really is id theft or if it is totally verizon negligence or something.

I asked the lady in the fraud department who i should send the bill to for my time and she said "i don't know who will help you with that"... i

If it really is some kind of negligence of fraud, then i'll find a lawyer for that for sure.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 10:14:04 PM EST
When you call, don't talk to the poor slob who answers, ask for their supervisor, then thell them to send you all the related paperwork they have on the Texas account. If they refuse to do so cuz they say its private/not your information to have access too, well then trap them in there own refusal to disclose copies of it and say fine, then get it the F*** off my billing history if you know its not me. Keep demanding to speak to someone higher in the food chain, and make sure you tell them your taking all their names and making detailed notes, as well as call from cell phone so you have printout of phone call log on your billing statement in case you need to go to court. Sounds like a screw up more than ID theft. Good luck.

Either way contact the 3 major credit bureaus and have them flag your credit hx account for ID theft, better safe than sorry.
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