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Posted: 1/3/2003 11:48:59 PM EDT
Ooops, UPS Can't Find A Russian Sniper Rifle
January 3, 2003

By Jennifer Parker

Video : KOMO 4 NEWS
The special weapon was supposed to arrive at a local pawn shop on New Year's Eve, but it has yet to show up.

LYNNWOOD - A package containing a Russian sniper rifle didn't make it to its destination on time and now the United Parcel Service is frantically trying to find this highly dangerous package.

KOMO 4 News has learned the rifle was shipped from a pawn shop in Colorado to a pawn shop in Lynnwood. It was sent on December 30, next day air, and was supposed to arrive in Lynnwood on the 31.

The tracking feature on the UPS Web site shows that the rifle left Colorado on the Dec. 30, flew through California, and landed in Seattle on Dec. 31.

But the package still hasn't shown up at a pawn shop in Lynnwood.

It's called a Dragunov sniper rifle. The weapon was the first Russian rifle exclusively designed from scratch as a sniper rifle.

It's designed to destroy a single target and the optical sight is intended for precise aiming. The rifle shipped from Colorado, we're told has night vision along with other accessories.

It's so big it doesn't fit in a regular gun box. The former owner, Daniel King of Colorado says he had to put in a box almost 5-feet long.

"Today I became alarmed when the person at the other end didn't receive it," says King. He says he shipped the rifle to Cascade Pawn in Lynnwood. We contacted the shop and were told it never arrived.

A spokesperson from UPS told KOMO 4 News they "regret that there is a delay and we are assessing the situation." They went on to say that "the package certainly missed its commit time, but it's not considered missing yet."
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 1:34:47 AM EDT
I have to work during the news hours, Did they put this on Television?....Just what we would need, A bunch of Anti-Gunners running around with more "Ammo"
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 7:47:53 AM EDT

I'll be waiting patiently at the front door!

On an similar topic.  I saw a post about CMP rifles and the fact that FEDEX will deliver your rifle to your door.  How does that work without going thru an FFL on your end??
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 9:28:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/5/2003 9:29:59 PM EDT by Kaliburz]
OH Joy!!!  Our wonderful state is in the BATF boo boo list again....


Edit to make link active....
Link Posted: 1/6/2003 11:04:23 PM EDT
Ah memories...  About 13 years ago I worked for UPS.  One evening I was accosted by an ATF agent standing by my car.  He knew my name and wanted to axe me some questions.  He was asking about what I knew of guns being shipped and if I knew how someone might steel a gun out of the UPS system.  Although I was not much help, I did glean that ATF questioned me because I had a CCW permit.  The ATF guy was watching my car because they had access to my vehicle registration with the DOL.

I would  bet there are some UPSers with CCWs being questioned by the ATF this week.
Link Posted: 1/7/2003 2:04:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2003 2:05:47 PM EDT by 2whiskeyP]
Why?  Is it easier to steel a gun when you have a CCW?
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 7:39:09 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 2whiskeyP:
Why?  Is it easier to steel a gun when you have a CCW?

[richard simmons voice] SURE SILLY!...You have a lic. to conceal it..no one will ever see you take it..[/richard simmons voice]

also they are not the BATFag's anymore they are ATFE....so how can we fix the new name?
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