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Posted: 9/19/2005 9:52:41 AM EDT
John Spencer's Patriot Report
Issue 1 – September 16, 2005

John Spencer: The Candidate to Beat Hillary Clinton, Not BE Hillary Clinton

John Spencer is the one and only proven conservative in the race to defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton. A breath of fresh air to politics, in 1996, Spencer shocked the "experts" became the Republican mayor of overwhelmingly Democrat Yonkers, New York’s fourth-largest city. What others thought of as impossible, he saw as challenges to overcome. He took a stagnant city in decline and changed its image to a city of progress. (Audio: John Spencer interviewed by Bob Vila)

At the height of the Vietnam War, when others were avoiding the draft, John Spencer chose to enlist in the United States Army to serve his country. (Read More ) John Spencer has always clearly and unashamedly taken a principled stand for his pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-growth, pro-2nd amendment, and anti-illegal immigration pro-border security positions. (Learn More) As our candidate for the U.S. Senate, Spencer will provide a clear contrast to Senator Clinton’s views and stands for our conservative principles and reject RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and Hillary-lite candidates. (See Record)

John Spencer: the proven conservative Republican you can trust. Join Spencer for Senate today!

Spencer Joins with Minutemen as the Only Candidate to Defend our Borders

“The simple truth is that we've lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive. We ignore America's lost sovereignty at our peril.” - Ronald Reagan

Minuteman Project co-founder Chris Simcox endorsed John Spencer the Conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate vs. Hillary Clinton. "In the race for U.S. Senate, John Spencer is the only candidate that stands firmly in support of securing our borders," said Simcox. "I support John’s approach to solving the border security crisis. We must all be vigilant. We must use our citizens, our federal troops, our National Guard, and additional Border Patrol agents to protect our borders."

Spencer announced Saturday his four point plan for protecting Homeland Security at an event with The Minuteman Civilian Defense Corps in Babylon, NY.

John Spencer: A Tax Cutting, Job Creating, Genuine Conservative Republican for US Senator

Friendly, forthright, and justifiably proud of his record as Mayor Yonkers, conservative Republican US Senate candidate John Spencer came to Buffalo last Friday to speak at the SCOPE event near the airport and do an interview at the offices of PoliticsWNY.Com. A more in depth, personal profile with this up and coming state-wide political figure will be featured in the October issue of PoliticsWNY.Com…The Magazine. For now, we offer excerpts from his talk with us in which he delineated his views about the upcoming New York GOP Senatorial primary and his expected opponent, Westchester County District Attorney Jeannine Pirro.

Protecting the Pledge

"On the day liberals are grilling Judge John Roberts, another federal judge has turned the Constitution on its head by striking down the Pledge of Allegiance. Senator Clinton supports judges like this. I do not. I will have a litmus test. I will never support a judge that opposes the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is one nation under God and this is the same oath that I took when I volunteered for the U.S. Army to serve my country in Vietnam. Today the same brave service men and women who are risking their lives on behalf of our nation took the same pledge. No out of control liberal federal judge should usurp the power of President and Congress by changing this sacred pledge."

– John Spencer
The Endorsements Keep On Coming

Conservative Republican U.S. Senate Candidate and former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer announced Wednesday that he has received the enthusiastic support from three more New York State Conservative Party County Leaders.

John Bjorkander, Acting Delaware County Conservative Party Chairman, Wayne Brooks, Acting Fulton County Conservative Party Chairman and Clay Smith, Onondaga County Conservative Party Chairman have all joined the Spencer Team.

This adds to the ever growing list of conservative and republican leaders who have voiced their support for John Spencer.

Pirro Campaign Loses Steam

According to Monday's New York Post Jeanine Pirro's month-old campaign for Senate election has stumbled badly, has failed to catch on with voters and is having difficulty raising cash, GOP insiders contend. Read More

Does this photo scare you?

It should. The battle for New York’s United States Senate seat is also a battle for the soul of the Republican and Conservative parties. It is time to elect a Senator who stands for our conservative principles.

Pledge your support by making a donation to the Join Spencer campaign. And sign up for our Spencer Patriots program, together we can keep fighting for conservative values for New Yorkers.

P.S. If you haven’t seen the ad everyone is talking about, check it out here on Join Spencer.com

Spencer for Senate · PO Box 864 Yonkers, N.Y. · 10702-0864 · Tel: (914) 509-8570 · info@spencerforsenate.com

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