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Posted: 6/4/2008 8:02:57 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/11/2008 5:59:22 PM EST by Custom-X_Sponjah]
Got to the Office this morning and one of the Engineers has left a present attached to the cork board next to my desk.

Made me giggle, thought I'd share...


I have been running the HSGI Wasatch since its introduction. And have seen it change in versions over the years as Gene keeps making Little Improvements over the last Version. I have probably used every Upgrade for this Plate Carrier. And thought it could always have used some type of bungee retention system. I was ecstatic when SKD contacted me to be one of the first to run these and write a review. Well I'm a little late on the actual review, but its for good reason. I was trying to find something that I didn't like about these Bungees. A little over a month and a half later, here we go.

Upon receiving these I examined them for quality and uniformity. They all looked really nice. I knew a competent Gear Maker must have sewn these. So I drove over to HSGI's shop to talk with Gene about these. He mentioned how they make these for the JDF (Japanese Defense Force) but they did not make the ones SKD were selling. Gene showed me some Bungee retainers that HSGI has produced, they do not separate the 2 magazines but are another great upgrade. He gave me 6 of them to run also.

So here I am, I have 6 Dual SKD Bungees, 6 Single HSGI Bungees, and 6 Original HSGI Satch Series Flaps. I wanted to provide a good comparison review of all three.

Here are the 3 Pictured Below.
From Left to Right: SKD's Dual Bungee, HSGI's Single Bungee, and HSGI's Original Flap W/Rubber Band

To start off my actual hands on review, I set up my Wasatch with the original Flaps that were currently on it. They worked just like they have been for me for 5 years. Rip the tab forward, grab the front mag and the rear mag stays in the now open pouch via rubber band. Then grab the rear mag for a reload and the rubber band will either break or slip off the mag. I used AK and M4 Mags like I have been for years..
Good set up.

I then set up my Wasatch for with the HSGI Single bungees. They are just like the Satch Bungees SKD had as an upgrade in the past. They worked really really well and made mag changes quicker. They also were easily adjustable for AK mags. Just adjust the Velcro tab and the height is adjusted.
Great set up.

I finally set up my Wasatch for the "New" SKD Bungees. Right from the get go I noticed I was gonna like these. They seperated the mags just enough to make gripping the mag really easy. This in turn also quieted the mags eliminating "mag slap" and clang. For M4 Style mags, including P-Mags, this set up cant be beat. Mag Changes were ridiculously easy. Reason being I could make the separated mags sit higher in their pockets Because of the "bottoms" on the double bungee.
Awesome set up.

I did notice that AK mags didn't like this bungee because of the bottom restricted the height. If running AK mags use the HSGI Single Bungee. But if you have a Wasatch or Weesatch and running an M4 you are stupid as hell not running these Bungees. I am really thankful for SKD letting me run these and writing a review. If you have any questions or want any pictures taken please dont hesitate to ask me.

Link Posted: 6/4/2008 9:07:47 AM EST
so very true. Most don't know how to handle string hehe;
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 9:23:56 AM EST
My thought was that string in the eyes of the ATF is a Machine Gun....

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