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Posted: 9/16/2004 7:05:27 PM EDT
1000....sheesh.....you know, it's funny. I almost ened up buying a HK SL8-1 as my first long gun...was all set till I stumbled on this site. And I believe the words of the famous philosopher hermit Yoda hold very true.....'Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will!"

But enough with the past, and on with the post!

Wonder of wonders....what ever could that be?

Why, it looks like a box. Should we open the box to see what's inside? Why not!

Oooohhhh......baggies! And there seems to be something inside them....

Do my eyes decieve me.....or is that a brand new AR-15 lower receiver?

Why yes, I do believe that it is! Three nice, shiny, brand new Ameetec Arms stripped lower receivers!

As Billy Crystal used to say....'Darling, you look MARVELOUS'. These things are beautiful. Unfortunately, don't have anything to mate them with just yet....as it seems almost everything I want to build happens to be illegal in this damn state! ARGH!

Big thanks have to go out to the following souls:
1. To our Helldog appointed Social Director FMJunkie, for putting this buy together
2. To the guys at Ameetec Arms (love to know where the name Ameetec came from) for providing us with a quality lower at a quality price
3. To PK90, for graciously putting up with all the transfer/paper grunt work, and for making the transfer process an enjoyable experience! (BTW - was the tape Ok?)

You all deserve a big pat on the back and a huge amount of gratitude.

Oh yeah...one more thing....for those of you heading down on Saturday to pick up your lowers......once you hit mile marker 9, keep a sharp eye out for East Central Ave. It WILL pop up
very quickly and very unexpectedly.
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