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Posted: 10/3/2007 3:47:54 AM EST
Set up at 8 AM
Safety Briefing about 9 AM
First stage shoots around 9:30
Wrap up expected about 12 Noon.

Defensive Accuracy bias. Bring your carry piece and cover!

Strong side holster required.
Eye and ear protection required.
Icludig safe draw stroke (weak hand on chest until muzzle is in front of the chest. No sweeps!)
About 100 rounds should do you!

Match Director: Jason Schafer
Match Designer: Dick Reinheimer (there may be steel!)
Link Posted: 10/9/2007 9:43:44 AM EST
Well, the weather was wonderful to start the day, under a fog cover and early morning cool. Folks began to appear at 8:00 and helped Dick Reinheimer (Match Designer) to unpack the steel, and the garage, of the targets and set a course.

This program is a "blend" of NRA Action Pistol and IDPA, with a preference on defensive skill rather than equipment. It continuues to morph, and I beleive we will be pleased at the outcome. IF you missed it, you missed a fine time!

We started a little late, at 9:45 instead of 9:30 as a squaded realy, and one delay after the first relay for resettng the dueling post (which gave a bit of trouble most of this day) finishing at about 1:30 PM.

Thanks to Jason Schafer (match director), Dick Reinheimer (course designer), and Scott Sellers /Barry Burton (additional Safety Officers) and Bob Direso, who relieved me for a few relays!

Match results have been sent to the shooters, with two exceptions (bounced e-mails)... and will be posted here shortly, in a manner that will let our non-member guests view them as well.

We had one "junior" accompanied by his father, a safety officer, in attendance, and beyond the "staff" we were pretty well even with 10 members and 10 non members. One non-member shot two different guns, resulting in 25 match scores for the month.

I will calculate "classes" after the November match (expected Nov 3 2007) for those who have attended 3 matches.

Unlimited shots permitted, mag capacity of 10 Plus 1 max (per Dick)
For description purposes...

Stage 1- 16 Rounds minimum

Terrorists have taken over your bsiness nad placed explosives to kill the hostages. After escaping and calling 911, you realize the "cavelry" will not arrive in time, and you undertake an entry to disarm the bomb.

Start holstered, hands at side. On signal proceed amd enter hallway, engage three targets (two paper, on steel) in tactical order (two shots paper, steel until it drops), do the same for two additional hallways, then race to barricade and from right side of cover hit a metal stop plate.

Stage 2-12 Rounds minimum

You are the security guard for a contingent of diplomats. NA unrepentant horde confronts you unrepentently.

Draw and fire on 3 paper and 3 steel targets (3 shots per paper, in the "Primary Neutralization Zone" and steel one each) No cover available.

Stage 3 -10 rounds minimum

As you park your car and exit, you are "acosted' by four 'bad guys' intent on doing you terminal harm.
With your hand on the car door, at the start, draw and engage two equivelent paper targets with two rounds in tactical order (1-2-1) (best to use cover of the engine block) then drop to the deck, the remaining two targets are to be shot in the foot (a metal plate each) from prone under the chassis, whcih will drop the assailant to the ground, where they continue to be a threat. 2 more rounds Center mass will terminate the life threat.

Stage 4-10 rounds required.

You are in a cafe booth, when a PCP hyped assailant makes his way toward you with intent and ability to case your death. Draw from seating, and fire on the dueling tree until all steel is "flipped" over. Then exit the booth and move to cover. four more "buddies" continue to approach, neutralize them (one shot each steel) in tactical order while using cover.

This stage was modifed, and re-run, in that solid hits on the steel were "bouncing" back after hitting the "flip" stop. The modification was that if the target moved over, it was counted.

NEXT MATCH- November 4, set up at 8, Brief at 9, First relay of squadded shooters at 9:30


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