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Posted: 1/9/2005 8:06:33 PM EDT
OK, it was actually a fun thing to do again. I was at the dome and the Colts were well on the way to sending the donks home to cry and I was in line and some single stripe young'en in dress blues was diggin in his pockets and I just handed him one of the 2 beers I bought.
If anyone saw the BIG flag presentation before the game it was great. Then they let loose a Eagle from the upper deck over the tunnel where the Colts come out and the beast flew a around at upper deck level while the crowd went totaly crazy untill the eagle focused on his trainer at the far corner on a deck at turf level. I have seen it done at the dome before but the way the eagle circled and flew in the dome while the anthem was being sang (sung?) was one for the record. It put a tear in my eye.
Lots of our servicemen were there for the flag ceremony and hats off to all of them.
I think the Colts put a tear in the donks eye though, and a dagger in the heart
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 8:04:49 AM EDT
They sure did kick ass.....but it's going back to New England that has me worried....
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 8:37:26 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/10/2005 8:39:17 AM EDT by GUNGUY1911]
The flag presentation with the Bald Eagle has got to be one of the best Pre-Games I have EVER seen!  The lady singing the National Anthem didn't screw it up too bad either!

ETA:  I was quite surprised that there weren't a large number of Denver fans.  Most games at the Dome seem to be overrun with opposing team fans.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 8:41:13 AM EDT
I was listening on the radio and it sounded pretty raucus. New England will be the big test though. I always worry about the Colts peaking to soon, or getting to high after a big win.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 9:20:31 AM EDT
Yea me too...I think that I would have rather then have a close won game then bring it all out for the Pats.....I'll know after the first quarter if I keep watching it, or play Xbox...
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 5:55:02 AM EDT
I think (and we all know what thats worth) that as long as its not ass biting cold or snowing/raining we can take them. Law is out and we should have beaten them the first game. I hant checked the odds yet but I heard we are a point and a half favorites. If the D plays anywhere like they did against the donks I think its gonna be a win.
Now I have to root for the Jets. I still have my set of tickets for the Championship in the gunsafe.
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 7:21:20 AM EDT
So he was a jarhead.... It's okay, we can't all be perfect. lol

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