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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/22/2006 10:06:34 AM EST
"Emergency Powers" Is No Excuse To Disarm Citizens
-- Insist that your rights be protected just when you need them most

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good News!

Following egregious examples of anti-gun misbehavior by the New
Orleans police during the "state of emergency" there, an Arizona
state senator has introduced legislation to insure the same thing
doesn't happen in The Grand Canyon State.

SB 1425 -- introduced by Sen. Dean Martin (Dist. 6) -- would change
state law to prohibit the confiscation of firearms and ammunition
during a state of emergency. The bill has passed out of committee by
a vote of 5-2, and it could be taken up by the full Senate at any

You may recall that during the Hurricane Katrina debacle, video
documentation surfaced showing that officials were disarming
law-abiding gun owners who were doing nothing more than keeping their
self-defense firearms available to protect their property and loved
ones. (You can view this disgusting footage at
www.gunowners.org/notb.htm on the GOA website.)

Gun owner outrage led to the courts in Louisiana insisting that the
practice cease -- after the fact -- but to keep it from happening
again, officials need to be specifically prohibited from even TRYING
it. Most states have "emergency powers" laws, and THAT is the hook
anti-gun officials use to take away your guns just when you need them

Sure, we can argue till we're blue in the face that the Second
Amendment alone protects against such outrageous government behavior.
Consider, however, that a state law specifically prohibiting any
official from confiscating firearms in an emergency isn't something
that is subject to debate... it's the law.

SB 1425 would change the law of Arizona to specifically make this
kind of egregious activity illegal. The bill has moved out of
committee, and could be taken up by the full Senate at any time.
That is why your senator needs to hear from you today.

This year, one of GOA's highest priorities at the state level is to
address the problems with so-called "emergency powers" across the
country. GOA-supported bills that will make it absolutely certain
that no state official could disarm the citizenry during an emergency
are currently pending in several states.

It all started when GOA supplied video footage to Rep. Steve Scalise
of Louisiana, after he had received reports of disarmament. The
video was shown in conference during a Special Session of the
legislature dealing with Katrina fallout, and the result was a 97-0
vote REQUIRING the legislature to decide on GOA-approved legislation
during Louisiana's normal session later this spring.

Meanwhile, the national movement is growing steadily. Similar bills
can be found in states like MS, NH, AK, VA, OH, and others... with
several bills being introduced by legislators who are GOA members.

An opportunity like SB 1425 cannot be left to the whims of
politicians and the popular press -- gun owners have to make the
difference as anti-gun and media scrutiny continues to increase.

ACTION: Please contact your state senator and ask him to support SB
1425. You can use the pre-written letter below -- and your senator's
e-mail in the roster that is provided -- to help direct your comments
to him.

You can find out who your state senator is by using the GOA Legislative
Action Center at http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm and then typing
your zip code into the Elected Officials box. After that, click on the
highlighted "state" link to see who your state senator is.

----- Pre-written message -----

Dear Senator,

Now that SB 1425 has passed out of committee, I urge you to support
when it comes before the full Senate. This bill is extremely
necessary, as it would prohibit the unlawful and unconstitutional
confiscation of firearms during a "state of emergency."

The bill would outlaw police misbehavior such as the outrageous
conduct in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, which was soundly
rebuked by the courts.

Please work to make certain that no anti-gun amendments are allowed
on this important bill.

Unlike some parts of the country, we in Arizona value the right to
keep and bear arms. Again, please reinforce this right by supporting
SB 1425.



Arizona Senate

Name Dis E-mail Phone (602) Fax (602)

Bennett 01 kbennett@azleg.gov 926-5584 926-3429
Hale 02 ahale@azleg.gov 926-4323 417-3160
Gould 03 rgould@azleg.gov 926-4138 417-3165
Harper 04 jharper@azleg.gov 926-4178 417-3154
Flake 05 jflake@azleg.gov 926-5219 417-3223
Martin 06 dmartin@azleg.gov 926-5284 417-3163
Waring 07 jwaring@azleg.gov 926-4916 417-3150
Allen 08 callen@azleg.gov 926-4480 417-3155
Burns 09 rburns@azleg.gov 926-5993 417-3225
Gray 10 lgray@azleg.gov 926-3376 417-3253
Leff 11 bleff@azleg.gov 926-4486 417-3170
Blendu 12 rblendu@azleg.gov 926-5955 417-3168
Miranda 13 rmiranda@azleg.gov 926-5911 417-3171
Brotherton 14 bbrotherton@azleg.gov 926-4485 926-3429
Cheuvront 15 kcheuvront@azleg.gov 926-5325 417-3149
Aguirre 16 laguirre@azleg.gov 926-3830 417-3145
Mitchell 17 hmitchell@azleg.gov 926-4124 417-3164
Johnson 18 kjohnson@azleg.gov 926-3160 417-3151
Jarrett 19 mjarrett@azleg.gov 926-5288 417-3161
Huppenthal 20 jhuppenthal@azleg.gov 926-5261 417-3157
Tibshraeny 21 jtibshraeny@azleg.gov 926-4481 417-3152
Verschoor 22 tverschoor@azleg.gov 926-4136 417-3222
Rios 23 rrios@azleg.gov 926-5685 417-3167
Cannell 24 rcannell@azleg.gov 926-4139 417-3156
Arzberger 25 marzberger@azleg.gov 926-4321 417-3146
Hellon 26 thellon@azleg.gov 926-4326 417-3159
Garcia 27 jgarcia@azleg.gov 926-4171 417-3162
Aboud 28 paboud@azleg.gov 926-5262 417-3166
Soltero 29 vsoltero@azleg.gov 926-5342 417-3169
Bee 30 tbee@azleg.gov 926-5683 417-3147


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Link Posted: 2/24/2006 2:24:22 PM EST
Bah thats exactly the reason law abiding people keep guns. When the cops run off to save their own butts.

just another reason 2 have a backup i guess, that or a swat team "dead cold hands comes to mind"
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