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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/5/2005 11:26:39 PM EDT
Maybe you fellas can help I want to run a paint job on my AR something woodland like. Right now the stock and handguards are painted I want to use krylon spraypaint but not sure on how to prep it to spray or what to remove prior to the spraying. Any help will be appreciated I have a matte clear to cover it when done so as not to "clean" off the paint with solvents. Any links to step by step or what ever ya got would be great!


Link Posted: 8/6/2005 5:03:45 AM EDT
Look here for good instructions. The pics aren't working right now, but I'll get in touch with the thread author (he's a friend of mine) and get the pics up. But, it should give you a general idea about prep, working temperature, etc.

Good luck and don't forget the pics
Link Posted: 8/6/2005 12:44:23 PM EDT
If you are going the airbrush route I recomend getting the airbrush kit that laurel has for duracoat. I just got finishing duracoating a sig and a mossburg and they are in the oven as I type. I used two diffirent finishes with the airbrush I got with the duracoat kit. One was the duracoat (HK Black) and the other was the brownells moley teflon. I think the moley teflon is more forgiving as far as the application goes. You really dont need a real consistant air preasure to make it work and look good. However, it must be baked and it must be used on only metal. The duracoat looks a little better and is probably more durable. However, it is more expensive, must be mixed, and tends to stick to stuff. I personally had a problem with the kit when I got it and it involved the can of air freezing up and running out. I cheap compressor at walmart and it fixed the problem. However, some damage had already been done. My sig 226 slide was inconsistantly coated. I had to then polish the duracoat off with a pollishing tool on my dremal. The duracoat sticks real well and I never got quite all of it off. When I recoated today you can see small specs up close of duracoat still on the weapon. I am quite pissed about this. When I redo my weapon next summer after carrying it all winter long and wearing the finish I will do it right, pull the sights off, bead blast it, teflon it first, and then reapply the duracoat.

I am going to take pics when I am dont and post them. Trust me the firearm finishes will look better. If you dont want to airbrush look at the brownells teflon that comes in the arisol can.
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