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Posted: 5/2/2004 7:56:41 AM EST
pretty much self explanitory , getting tired of the fact not many alaskans get on here and when i post to the EE it sits for weeks with no responses ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH getting angry
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 8:36:15 PM EST
I think some of the problem is that, besides the low population count of Alaska, not all check in regularly and many aren't even aware of the Alaska board. I didn't even know about it for a long while as the AR15 forum took all my time up for me to start looking around at all the other forums.

If you spot an Alaskan poster, specially new ones, drop them an IM and remind them about the Alaska board.
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 9:55:37 PM EST
Yes, by all means, send them this way... In fact I'm going to change my sig line to be Alaska specific right now... might catch their eyes more...

As far as the EE goes, the site is a kind of neutered right now... Hoping for a solution soon.
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 6:42:25 AM EST
I am moving there this summer.
Bite me.
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 1:50:31 PM EST
to where anchorage or squarebanks?
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 3:00:54 PM EST
I now live in Anchorage after 10 years in Fairbanks, Bbbrrrrr!

Anyhow, I think you should change your tag to something alaskan. I've gotten a few things off the EE, I never really bother to see where they're located, but I always stop when I see something Northerly oriented. None have ever been in Alaska.

Besides, my membership (when it functions) allows me only to search by subject, not location or poster. Maybe I should upgrade, it is a great site.
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 3:04:32 PM EST
By the way, I'm not trying to poke you in the eye, but if I get no responses on one of my ads, I blame myself.
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 3:08:20 PM EST
i understand but what else am i suppose to say on it?
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 6:38:48 PM EST
Ft Greely baby.
Living the dream!
Link Posted: 5/3/2004 7:25:38 PM EST
GREELY ? oh no Delta Junction land of missle defence lucky you
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 9:33:17 PM EST
Now it looks like I am headed to Fort Yukon. Oh yay.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 6:27:52 AM EST
I don't stop in here because I am usually at work or in Canada. My home might as well have been a storage shed.

Link Posted: 5/8/2004 11:03:14 AM EST
My home IS a storage shed... Well, more like 3 rented storage units. No home, not even a car. 13 year motorcycle that I have only managed to put on 4300 miles on.
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