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Posted: 2/23/2007 1:25:59 PM EST
I THOUGHT I was going to stick to ARs.Made up my mind in fact.
Then a buddy shows up with a Yugo underfolder!

Now,my question.

If I buy a AK parts kit and finish a flat myself for the build,what are the restrictions,if any?
I know you need 6 (or some such) US made parts,but does Maryland have any hoops to jump thru,since it'll be a "scary" weapon?

Link Posted: 2/23/2007 1:49:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/23/2007 2:02:02 PM EST by zoostation]
No hoops. You just cannot manufacture it "for sale" since you don't have a firearm manufacturer's FFL from the ATF or a regulated firearms manufacturer's license from the state. But it is not illegal to make it for yourself.

The federal law is 922(r) for compliance parts. It states basically that you cannot have more than ten imported parts in a rifle you assemble here which is banned from importation. Usually on AK's that mean six US parts, unless you have no muzzle brake or other muzzle attachment in which case it is five. Your receiver, and US-made hammer, trigger, and sear will give you 4. Add a ten dollar US made flash-hider for 5, and a two-dollar Tapco mag follower for six.

If it were me I would just spend the 55 bucks with NodakSpud and get a 100% receiver. Depends on if you have the tools and stuff you'll need already. The internet is full of "I built my AK in one morning before breakfast" claims but truth be told they're a bitch to get all the holes just right, the rails the right size and smooth, the lower bolt rails welded just so, and heat treat the FCG holes without warping the whole thing. You can easily go through 3 blanks before getting it right (ask me how I know )

Link Posted: 2/23/2007 2:33:15 PM EST
Thanks for the quick reply.
I've got most of the tools,and one of my brothers is a machinist.Should be able to keep me out of trouble.
Link Posted: 2/24/2007 5:37:59 AM EST
If you ever get tired of it down the road, you can sell it if you add a serial # and tranfer it through an FFL.
Link Posted: 2/24/2007 5:46:35 AM EST

Originally Posted By TheRealSundance:
If you ever get tired of it down the road, you can sell it if you add a serial # and tranfer it through an FFL.

I sold a gun once,in the 70s.
I won't make that mistake agsin!
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