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Posted: 3/28/2009 11:05:48 AM EDT

For special scoring, the following requirements must be met:

Shooters will utilize a revolver (or revolvers) with a lever gun or bolt action rifle.

* The Combat Cowboy's rifle must have been originally designed prior to 1910. Replicas are permitted.
* The rifle may not have any optics on it. (IE: Iron sights only)
* All holsters used for the Combat Cowboy division must meet the requirements for standard ACTS rules.

These guns will be loaded as follows:
Revolvers: 5 or 6 rounds dependent on design and safety. Modern revolvers with transfer bars or hammer blocks may be loaded to full capacity.
Lever guns: Load to full capacity
Bolt actions: Load to full capacity, no stripper clips, subsequent reloads with loose ammunition

Shooters whom do not have such equipment can "simulate" these requirements in the following manner:

Iron sighted (no optics) semiautomatic rifles and handguns can be used for special scoring if the shooter users 1 magazine per gun only!

These guns will be loaded as follows:
Rifle magazine loaded to 10 rounds
Handgun magazine loaded to 5 rounds
Reloads will require either removing the mag and reloading it with loose ammunition on the clock, or switching to another gun.

That's correct. You may carry two handguns (safely!) simultaneously, each loaded with 5 rounds and switch guns as necessary.

Competitors whom meet the above requirements will only be required to get ONE shot in either the 0 or -1 scoring region of the target.

Competitors whom do not wish to be under the special requirements and scoring can fire the match as normal, but will be scored by normal ACTS scoring standards.
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