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Posted: 5/3/2015 5:44:06 PM EDT
I wanted to pass along some info on some great guys to deal with.
I was planning a trip to Minnesota to visit my wife's family and needed to get the Utah permit so I can carry while there.  I searched and there were three instructors of the coarse listed in Alabama.  I contacted all three, unfortunately for me my schedule conflicted with nearly every class given.  This all started in February, well Daniel Cole of Echo6 stayed in contact with me via email and let me know of an upcoming class not yet listed.  I jumped on it- however the time was at the same time as my daughter's first recital.  I spoke with Daniel via email and he even let me know that someone else would be having a class and he would give me the info if I wanted (even though he would LOSE business in the process- just because he knew I needed it).  I told him thank you, but would rather risk a time conflict and take a class from him since he has been such a stand up guy.  Well he arranged an early class for me!  To my surprise I was the ONLY person there- the other people had a scheduling conflict and cancelled last minute.  With only ONE person there he still had the class- he could have very well called and cancelled and spent a gorgeous day outside- but he and his partner Patrick showed up and put on one helluva informative class.
I would love to link their website, but am not sure about the rules of all that, but the guys at Echo 6 Defense Solutions (you can google it, and go right to it) are stand up guys.  They did all the finger prints and photos there AND they even MAILED my application to Utah for me.  This was about as painless as a process can be and I am still amazed that they did not cancel the class when they only had one guy coming to it.  In today's "all about the overhead and screw customer service" world these guys are "old school, let me help you, customer comes first" guys who I will be going back to for further classes.
Link Posted: 5/3/2015 5:45:08 PM EDT
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